Morris Cove, New Haven, CT

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  • 200-298 Cove Place New Haven, Connecticut - East Shore

    hard to get to beach

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  • 140-180 Concord Street New Haven, Connecticut - East Shore

    Several young belligerents, one of which is masked, ride along Concord on their street illegal dirt bikes at high speeds. They do this several times a day, often times at night, and have shouted threats and obscenities at various people. Today, they rode on someone's property and revved their engines, gauging the grass.

    The cops have been called several times without response and this is disgusting. What is needed to get a police response in this city? Is a felony the only thing that warrants attention?

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  • 430 Lighthouse Road New Haven, Connecticut - East Shore

    There have been 2 car crashes in 3 weeks at the intersection of Lighthouse & Marion. All season, people race around this bend with screeching tires. Whether it's narrowing the road, installing an elevated pedestrian crosswalk, a traffic circle, or changing the road surface -- SOMETHING needs to be done. Note: No one was hurt in the accident shown in the photo.

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  • Cove Place (Cove Street New Haven, CT 06511, USA - East Shore

    The business located here cleans the beach every week and dumps the trash on the public right-of-way. Why isn't that illegal dumping on city property? it's disrespectful to the community

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  • 4 Dorchester Terrace New Haven, Connecticut - East Shore

    Trash is piled outside a house where no one is living. The lawn hasn't been mowed in over a year, and large rats have been seen here. Hundreds of children will be in this neighborhood on Halloween. This is not safe!

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  • 115 Townsend Ave New Haven, CT 06512, USA - East Shore

    Motorcycles with loud exhausts speed all day and night. No law enforcement

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  • 325 Lighthouse Rd New Haven, CT 06512 - East Shore

    The Morris Pardee House is in bad shape and needs repairs.
    What is the NH Historical Society doing with the endowment money established for this great piece of New Haven History. They are not putting it into the property thats for sure

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  • 709 Townsend Ave New Haven, CT - East Shore

    Reckless, noisy clowns on Quads/ATV's (along with snowmobile's in the winter) have also been riding illegally, plaguing the East Shore section of New Haven for years. Blasting up & down Townsend Ave, tearing up Black Rock Fort area etc.

    Advance warning for NHPD; they go crazy, blaring past the Townsend mansion just about EVERY evening after a snow storm, zig zagging & sliding across the centerline towards oncoming traffic, dangerously passing and cutting off cars etc.

    We want these uninsured deadly missiles stopped!

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  • Woodward Avenue East Shore New Haven Ct 06512 - East Shore

    There are NO sidewalks on Woodward Avenue leading to Hannah's Dream, baseball fields & East Shore Park. There is a lot of construction here, why can't these kids get sidewalks to utilize the million dollar projects here?? It's as unsafe as those round a bouts!! UGH! Please help the kids of New Haven be able to use these wonderful parks. THey do no service to the community if the children from local schools & daycares can't access them safely. It's impossiable to walk thru the swampgrass without knee high boots on! The construction trucks have been there daily for a year-throw in some sidewalks!

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  • Townsend Ave Between Pope And Girard Ave. New Haven CT - East Shore

    Very busy street. Cars do not stop for pedestrians. In need of pedestrian signs at crosswalk, or speed bumps.

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  • Townsend Ave Morris Cove Road New Haven, CT - East Shore

    Cars and Commercial trucks and vans continually block the street and sidewalks. This is two way street that Engine 16 uses to enter the firehouse, residents are blocked from accessing their homes and people are forced to walk in the street.
    The city acknowledges this condition and does nothing. Asst Fire Cheif Black says ' it is a parking problem' while it delays the emergency responders from doing their jobs. The police stop into the source ot the problem, Durso's garage, for donuts and ignore the problem. The no parking signs are removed as fast as they are installed with no action by the parking and traffic police. It is not acceptable to "Acknowledge' an issue and do nothing! Waiting for a car accident, a walker clipped by traffic on Townsend, a fire or medical emergency response delayed because this continuing problem is ignored. The owners of this business do not care but the people in this neighborhood do care and expect that the rules are enforced for all.

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  • 420 Lighthouse Rd New Haven, CT - East Shore

    This is a very dangerous curve located at the intersection of 420 Lighthouse Rd New Haven (Morris Cove), CT and Marion St. New Haven(Morris Cove), Ct.

    This is a main road to get to Lighthouse Point Park and people unfamiliar with the area as well as people from the area speed around the curve. Almost every time a car comes out of 420 Lighthouse rd it is almost hit by a car coming around the bend. There is a Blind driveway sign posted right before the curve but is ignored. There is a park where children play and have to cross this area of the road to get to the park. Children are in grave danger here. We do not want another child hit by a vehicle in the city! A stop sign where the blind driveway sign is posted would be much appreciated by all in this area for the safety of all.

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