Logan Circle Snow Helpers

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These people are volunteering to help dig Logan Circle out of this snowstorm and help clear our streets!

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  • 1435 N St Nw Washington, DC - Logan Circle

    The drug activity being sold out of 1425 N St NW "James Apartments" has now spilled out onto the 1400 Block of N St. NW.
    The drug dealers out of "James Apartments" are now selling their drugs out of the hallway of the apartment building next door (1435 N St NW- "Truman House").

    Potential drug customers are loitering in front of "Truman House" day and night waiting for the dealer to come out of "James Apartments" and they are entering threw the always open 2 front doors of "Truman House" and transacting drug sales in the hallway. The dealer then goes back inside "James Apartments" and the buyer often lingers on the steps of "Truman House" smoking their purchased drugs.

    This is happening daily now, both day and night. They have found an "off the street" location to sell drugs and it has now reached a serious level.

    The drug dealers out of "James Apartments" aren't going anywhere as they have been there for years but if "Truman House" would lock their front entrance doors the activity would stop on the sidewalk.

    PLEASE, if you see this activity call the police. If we ignore this activity it will grow into more severe activity such as theft, robbery and violence.

    "Truman House" is managed by: Urbane Results and their office is inside "Truman House"- PLEASE ask them to lock their front doors.

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  • Bicycles Acknowledged
    1617-1625 14th Street Northwest Washington, DC 20009, USA - Logan Circle

    8 cars parked in bike lane @ Wesley AME Zion. This happens every Sunday. Who is enforcing the law?

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  • Bicycles Acknowledged
    1617 1355 14th Street Northwest Washington, DC 20009, USA - Logan Circle

    8 cars parked in bike lane at Wesley AME Zion. 14th&Corcoran NW. This is the third Sunday I have reported similar violations.

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  • 15th & N St. Nw Washington D.C., DC - Logan Circle

    I have noticed on multiple occassions that cars either ignore or do not notice that there is a separate left-turn light for northbound cars on 15th St. This is a serious danger for pedestrians, as well as cyclists using the two-way bike lane. I was nearly hit by a car on more than one occassion because it did not observe the red light. I recommend that a sign reading "Left turn on [green arrow ] Only" be installed at this light and other lights on 15th st where northbound cars have a separate left-turn signal. The situation on 15th and N requires the most immediate attention due to the frequency of cars making illegal turns.

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  • 5 Logan Circle Northwest Washington, D.C., District of Columbia - Logan Circle

    In the center of Logan Circle - the fenced-in grassy area surrounding the statute of General Logan had a sign that said "No dogs allowed inside the circle" - the sign fell down with a storm and was on the grass for several days and now it's been missing for weeks. As a result dog owners are letting their dogs inside the circle, where I've seen some dogs digging holes and doing about their business in the nicely maintained grass. There's plenty of room for all dogs in the rest of the circle.

    The problem is that

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  • 12th St Nw Washington, DC - Logan Circle

    Due to severe traffic congestion and intricate traffic light cycles at nearby 11th & Mass, vehicles consistently block the box at 12th & Mass and obstruct pedestrian walkways during evening rush hour. Pedestrians (including nearby school children) often have to walk in the box to cross Mass Ave. and cars on 12th cannot proceed north because east-bound vehicles on Mass block the box. Traffic guard and/or police presence desperately needed!

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  • Bicycles Acknowledged
    1625 14th Street Northwest Washington, DC 20009, USA - Logan Circle

    Ten cars parked in bike lane at Wesley AME Zion. 14th & Corcoran. No police nearby that I can see.

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  • Am Metro Bus #64 To Federal Triangle At The Corner Of 11th And Massachusetts Ave Nw WASHINGTON, DC - Logan Circle


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  • 1207 Q Street Northwest Washington, DC 20009, USA - Logan Circle

    Mattress dumped on NW corner of Q and Vermont. Has been there for 3 weeks and previous service requests have been ignored.

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  • 1500-1512 Corcoran Street Northwest Washington, DC 20009, USA - Logan Circle

    Unswept piles of leaves in the 15th St cycletrack are now slippery, wet dangerous piles of mush. Dangerous for bicyclists.

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  • 1324 14th Street Nw Washington, District of Columbia - Logan Circle

    B Too is serving food and drinks on the sidewalk at tables and chairs to customers without a sidewalk cafe license. There are no barriers separating the customers and waiters from the flow of sidewalk foot traffic and this is creating a stack up of sidewalk traffic flow and presenting a sidewalk public danger with exposed glassware on serving trays and tables. This sidewalk is not wide enough for restaurant sidewalk seating.

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  • Sign Missing Archived
    1400 14th St Nw Washington, DC 20005, USA - Logan Circle

    People are getting parking tickets here on the weekend. There is no parking restriction sign present and all of the meters are marked incorrectly. Either a sign needs to be placed/the meter stickers corrected/or stop the meter attendants and police issuing tickets here

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