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  • 8005 Chestnut Ridge Dr Charlotte, NC 28215, USA - Hickory Grove

    the resident continues to park his truck in a residential area. this is an on going situation, for over five (5) years....but he continues to do so. this affect all the properties in the neighborhood. he ignores both the police and public officals when this is reported


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  • 425 East Worthington Avenue - Dilworth

    the new traffic pattern on east blvd has exacerbated an existing issue w/people speeding down east worthington avenue. there are so many people who completely forget the speed limit is 25... they go twice that...

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  • 10100 E Wt Harris Blvd - Idlewild South

    We are sick and tired of seeing these 18 wheeler Trucks/Cabs and Trailers parking, Blocking the Entrance & Exit lanes into Rite Aid drugstore as well as Autozone. These trucks are tearing up the parking lot and causing obstruction of traffic flow. They are creating a huge traffic problem for customers trying to get into the Rite Aid parking lot and pharmacy drive thru. This not only brings the property values down it makes the area look trashy and appears as they have now taken advantage and it and now it has become a Long term TRUCK STOP!! Please please help the residents of this area to get this problem stopped we would really appreciate it! And if you cannot fix this, if you can get me the information of who I need to contact personally to try and get this issue fixed I would greatly appreciate it!

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  • 1430 Alleghany St Charlotte, NC 28208, USA - Ashley Park

    Traffic is horrendous. Cars ride in the center lane and then cut in front of cars. Parents let children out on Alleghany in front of the school even though they have been told my parents and police (when they decide to be out there) that they cant do this. Parents pull into the center lane and let their kids out in the middle of the road and then the kids just walk out in front of the cars and cross the street where ever they please. The police have written warnings but it doesnt seem to be working.

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  • 460 Scaleybark Rd Charlotte, NC 28209, USA - Collingwood

    Speeding and passing in opposite lanes. City held meetings to discuss traffic calming measures, but they haven't done anything yet. This is a residential road with a school and church located on it and the city itself has data that shows that speeds in excess of 65 were common.

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  • Weddington Road / Mckee Road Intersection Charlotte, NC 28270, USA - Charlotte

    The crosswalk signal to cross Mckee Rd at the corner of Weddington Road has not been working for months! There are 2 huge subdivisions at this corner filled with 7-15 yrs olds attempting to cross this intersection daily to access the Siskey YMCA across this busy road. Occasionally I see seniors trying to cross this busy intersection which also has a speeding problem and impatient drivers turning right on red. Won't someone get this fixed ASAP? - it's Summer and the kids I see daily trying to cross this intersection is just frightening, some have resorted to crossing over away from this corner as it is overwhelming with this crosswalk signal not working! It has been MONTHS and I have called the DOT but the situation remains.

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  • 1401 Central Ave - Plaza Midwood

    Getting onto and off Clement Ave to Central Ave can be dangerous at times. Cars park on both sides of the street all the way up to the stop sign and park in the wrong direction along the street. There are no parking signs posted by no one pays attention even the police do not pay attention. There are 18 wheelers that go down this street and can not get through because of the parking. There needs to be done something soon before there are major accidents.

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  • 8700 Old Plank Rd Charlotte, NC 28216, USA - Charlotte

    Intersection of Old Plank Rd. & Chapman St., This is a 4-way stop sign that seems to be highly disreguarded in both directions as well as speeding which results in people running stop sign. Ive contacted the city to see if we could get road humps or caution lights installed but as always NOTHING can ever get done.

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  • Interstate 77 Charlotte, NC 28273, USA - Charlotte

    Left turn signal into Carowinds Campground not operating. In order to cross traffic without left turn signal you need to go beyond the intersection and U turn to enter Campground with a right turn. Traffic is extremely heavy and I was involved in an accident trying to accomplish this turn on 4/30. Police office that came to accident said to contact NC police.... he was an SC Officer.

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  • Runnymede Ln From Selwyn Ave To Colony Road. - Barclay Downs

    One of the busiest school zone in Charlotte, with K-12 at 3 adjacent schools (Selwyn, AG Middle and Myers Park High).

    While police started with a crack down for school opening, they are no longer present and speeders are outnumbering safe drivers. I know police can not be here 180 days a year, so CDOT should install those "YOUR SPEED" radar signs to slow down speeders. Other less busy school zones already have these. There is a 24/7/365 general speeding problem in addition to the school hours issue.

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  • 6349 North Carolina 27 Charlotte, NC 28212, USA - Farm Pond

    Can we have some posted signs in this area that say "No Jay Walking in the Middle of the Road. I can't tell you how many times I see a mom running thru the traffic carrying their baby hoping a car doesn't hit them.
    There are two crosswalks with walking lights on both sides of this area. No one uses the crosswalks.
    Oh, and this would have to be enforced by the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police or the signs would mean nothing.

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  • I-85 To I-77 - Plaza Midwood

    On the morning of January, 11 2011, my daughter was driving on I-85 to I-77, on her way to Johnson and Wales for school. A car in the left lane of her, threw something at her car, hitting her vehicle. Since the weather was not the best, (ice storm), she did not stop. Thinking that it hit her tire, she watched her tire pressure gauge, and continued on to school. When she arrived at school, she checked the front of her car, finding a huge hole in her drivers side front bumper. When she arrived back home, her dad went out to check the damage, and found inside her bumper, a reflector that is usually imbedded in the road, sitting inside her bumper. My daughter has made several phone calls since then, including her insurance company, 311, loss management, Charlotte police department and she has emailed the NC government. No one will claim the responsibility. We have the reflector which has asphalt attached. Can someone help us find a fix?

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