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  • Tomlinson Bridge New Haven ct - New Haven

    Cars are constantly blocking sidewalk.

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  • Kimberly Avenue Bridge Between West Haven And New Haven - US Congressional District CT3

    The Kimberly Avenue Bridge connecting West Haven and New Haven is extremely dangerous and makes traveling between the cities by bicycle very difficult. The east-bound traffic heading for the I-95 on ramp treats the right lane as part of that ramp and routinely accelerates to 50+ mph. There is no shoulder, cars cut each other off to gain position, the lane is often littered with broken glass and in the winter, the sidewalk goes uncleared, forcing pedestrians into the road.

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  • 40 Sargeant Drive New Haven, CT - Long Wharf

    the comments posted on most of the stories i've read are incredibly offensive on the registers articles. many do nothing to promote dialogue and only attempt to attack people. it is mostly anonymous and negative ranting. it is far from constructive.

    many online news sources require that comments are reviewed by a moderator before they are actually posted.

    does the register not believe that they are responsible for the way that commenters use their site?

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  • South Water St And Sea Street New Haven, CT - City Point

    There has been excessive drug dealing on Sea Street and South Water St, (often done behind the Sound School buildings, dumpsters, etc.) Many residents have observed this on various nights and have called police with car descriptions (and eventually a license plate number, see the SeeClixFix issue entitled "NHPD Dispatch Refuse to Dispatch Officers" for more on this).
    On one night that an officer did respond, he told the resident that called it in that there is nothing he can do "unless the Sound School posts a 'No Trespassing' sign, since it is public property." I am told that the officer then left without getting out of his car.

    While I find this assertion hard to believe, I'd like to request that the city or the school posts appropriate "No Trespassing" signs so that the residents who live here might receive a better police response.

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  • South Water Street New Haven, CT - City Point

    Residents of the City Point neighborhood have noticed an increase in drug dealing and other illegal activity in our neighborhood. At least 3 calls have been made to police regarding this activity which has always involved one specific car. An alert resident finally was able to get the license plate of this particular car and called it into police. The person who answered at dispatch asked what the block watch number for our neighborhood is. The caller did not know. The dispatcher said that without that number, she could not send an officer out. She did NOT send an officer out.

    This is concerning to me--and should be concerning to every New Haven resident. Can someone from the police department please clarify for me that officers will not be sent out--even if the activity is IN PROGRESS-- unless the caller has a block watch number? ( I'd also like clarification as to whether block watch numbers are even used to track calls and allocate officers anymore. I had been told that they were not. In fact, when I have called the police before to report a car break in, the dispatcher would NOT take the block watch number.) I think its important that residents AND dispatchers are made clear on these guidelines.

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  • Beach Walk West Haven, CT - West Haven

    I ride my bike on the boardwalk, from chicks to bradley point. usually about 4 times a week. I cant stand it people DO NOT listen to the markings on the sidewalk and walk all over the place. when i ride by them on my bike some pople are like watch where your riding that thing. The problem is I am on the proper side of the boardwalk. This really only happens from St. johns church to bradley point. its really annoying to have to slow down to a dragging pace and wait for people to move and then they get mad like im doing something wrong....Why dont they pay attention?

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  • 99 Greenwich Ave New Haven, CT - City Point

    99 Greenwich Ave has been producing some of the same problems as 76 Howard Ave: noise and disrupting neighbors, public urination, parked cars (with people hanging out inside) that block other people's driveways, dumping garbage out of the cars into the street, sidewalk, neighbors lawns, etc. Can something be done?!

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  • Sea Street New Haven, CT - City Point

    Sound School just started today and the parents, school busses, and city busses are already speeding down Sea Street. This is a residential neighborhood! Have tried talking to the principal who is not interested in resolving the problem - same thing every year.

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  • New Haven, CT - Hill

    This issue has been posted since the late fall of 09'. I know there is lots of construction going on in this area, funding issues, and a host of other issues that are probably take precident over a bike lane. However, we need this more than ever. Safe bike routes will encourage more cyclist to take to the streets for work, pleasure, or to run errands. This is a 200 yard path that needs to be widened and a layer of crushed stone (paved would be delightful). The guard rail need sto be reconfigured to allow bikes through. Having this path allows cyclist to avoid cycling across 5 entrances and exits to the highway. That alone should be a safety concern for everyone involved. How can we look for grants to provide for this short route construction? Who do we need to contact directly? I don't want the entire summer to go by without this issue addressed. I does not seem to be a huge undertaking. Let's work together to get this done.

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  • Ella T Grasso / Harbour Close New Haven, CT - City Point

    There have been two Coyote sightings within the past week inside the Harbour Landing Complex. Many people have small dogs in this area. Is this something that the city handles? Perhaps trapping and relocating?

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  • 90 Sargent Drive New Haven, CT - Long Wharf

    I know I 'm no the only one who is upset at the poor customer service from the RWA. Customers call 562.4020 and we are on hold for 20 minutes. Then we get an answering service to leave a message. One to two weeks later we might get a call back. There is also a recording that says , " we may call you back outside of normal business hours." THIS IS FAR WORSE THEN THE WORST CT DMV!! AND WE KNOW HOW LOW THAT BAR IS!!!!!!! PLEASE FIX THE RWA. WE DESERVE BETTER SERVICE

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  • Tomlinson Bridge New Haven, CT - Annex

    Forbes Ave is already used by dozens of bicycle commuters as their primary route between downtown and Annex+East Shore despite the road being completely inhospitable to bicycling. Imagine how much more convenient bicycling would be for thousands of Annex and East Shore residents if Forbes Ave were reduced to one lane in each direction with a center turn-out lane and bike lanes on either side. I hear that the City is tentatively supportive and it is simply a matter of getting DOT onboard. Now that a new administration is coming to Hartford, this sounds significantly more plausible. If you would like to see bike lanes on Forbes Ave, vote for this issue!

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