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  • Glen Ave Millburn - Millburn

    The new speed humps along the south border of South Mountain reservation are too high. The speed limit is 25 and I think that was reasonable. I can also see why they were put in, to stop people from cruising across the intersection at 35 or more and not letting people in. But you can't take the humps at any more than 15. This is a waste of brakes and gas and will accumulate exhaust in those areas.

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  • 201 Hobart Ave Millburn, NJ 07078 - Millburn

    Edges of pavement on narrow Hobart Ave between Taylor and train station are crumbling, making it treacherous when there's oncoming traffic. If your tire drops off, you may lose control with little margin for error.

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  • 38 Glenwood Dr Millburn, NJ 07078 - Millburn

    The intersection of Gelnwood Dr and Wellington Avenue is extremely dangerous and should have a stop sign.

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  • New Jersey 24 Short Hills, NJ 07078, USA - Millburn

    Large pothole at top of exit ramp as you leave Route 24E to River Rd

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  • 342 Hobart Ave - Millburn

    To the right of the speed hump, just before West Road and Hobart Gap, before the light at Rt. 24 there is a very dangerous pothole that will certainly cause some flat tires and more damage to unsuspecting drivers' vehicles. Essex County--fix it!

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  • 18 Old Short Hills Rd Millburn, NJ 07041 - Millburn

    Old Short Hills Road in front of the Middle School is in terrible shape. Lots of divots and potholes.

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  • Rt 24 Essex, NJ - Summit

    Huges set of potholes across all three lanes at Exit 7 WEST on Rt 24. They have been there for at least a month and the NJDOT is apparently asleep at the wheel so to speak. UPDATE - they have been there for over 6 months! Also the Ramp H from 24 to 124 West is a disgrace - full of ruts and holes - a serious danger

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  • 266 Hobart Ave Millburn, NJ - Millburn

    On a 25 mph road, you must slow down to 8 mph in order to climb/descend Mount Speed-Hump. Exacerbating the problem is that there is a dip in the road due to poor conditions immediately before the hump

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  • 55 White Oak Ridge Rd Millburn, NJ 07078 - Millburn

    This road was repaved last year but recently there was some utility repair work in this spot and the road was not properly repaired so now there is a deep indentation in this spot.

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  • Chatham Rd Millburn, NJ - Millburn

    The new ADA ramps at the train station present a serious tripping hazard on their sides, which rise gradually to 2" or more without color markings or railings. This hazard is very hard to see. Someone walking east-west is likely to trip and get seriously hurt, which could result in a lawsuit against the township.

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  • 312 Parsonage Hill Rd Millburn, NJ 07078 - Millburn

    There are no signs on JFK Parkway (a 50MPH 4 lane highway) for the Parsonage Hill Exit. Is it a secret?

    Makes it hard to give visitors directions

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  • Forest Drive South 07078 - Millburn

    The roadway underneath the train tressle on Forest Drive South (between Hobart and Chatham) is so ridden with potholes that there are literally chunks of the roadway that are missing at this point. Please repave!

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