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  • 102 Woodmont Blvd Nashville, TN 37205, USA - Green Hills

    This is causing headaches and gridlock for people on White Bridge and Woodmont. The light turns green but no cars can get through. The old synchronization actually took other lights into account.

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  • Belle Meade Plaza At Kenner - Hillwood / West Meade

    The new speed bumps are so high that they damage the underside of cars

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  • 526 W Hillwood Dr Nashville, TN - Hillwood Estates

    At the NW corner of Darden and W. Hillwood. Bushes and a guard rail obstruct the view of cars that are heading south on Darden. It is necessary to pull out into the intersection putting oneself in danger of traffic heading down the hill on W. Hillwood.

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  • Intersection Of Hillwood Blvd And Harding Rd - Belle Meade

    People on Harding blocking intersection so people on Hillwood can not turn left onto Harding

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  • Charlotte Avenue NASHVILLE/DAVIDSON, TN - Hillwood Estates

    As the two eastbound lanes of Charlotte goes under I-40, the left lane has to merge into the right lane just past the I-40 on ramp. Most drivers in the left lane never see the little "merge" sign way over on the right side of the road, so the "merging" becomes dangerous because everyone thinks they have the right of way. There appears to be enough pavement to run the left lane right on into the left turn lane for the shopping center, but it is lined so that is not allowed.....remove the lines, re-line the pavement so the left land runs on into the left turn lane, put signs up/paint pavement saying "left turn only", and the folks turning into the shopping center will no longer have to merge into the right land to just move back into the left lane to turn into the center....folks going straight will know by the signs that if they want to continue on eastbound Charlotte they will need to merge right as the left lane is identified "left turn only".
    I frequently have people in the left lane come over right into me, requiring me to slam on brakes/swerve to avoid a crash...thinking they have the right of way.....very, very dangerout area, and a really easy fix...

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  • 6727 Charlotte Pike Nashville-Davidson Metropolitan, TN - Hillwood Estates

    There is a bus stop and a large church at this address. Bus riders and church attendees are crossing this very busy section of Charlotte Pike without any crosswalk or traffic signals to visit the mall, access parking and adjoining establishments across the street. It would be helpful to have crosswalk striping at a minimum with a sign to yield to pedestrians. Ideally, a traffic signal should be installed. Thank you for your consideration!

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  • 4656 Harding Pike Nashville, TN - Belle Meade

    the turn arrow onto Hillwood Blvd from Harding Pike heading East is tripped with every green light

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  • 6931 Charlotte Pike Nashville, TN - Hillwood / West Meade

    The timing of the light at I-40 West and Charlotte exit has been changed so that the light at the Texaco is red when the light at the exit is green. Only a few cars are allowed to turn right and it causes a backup on the exit ramp.

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  • 6826 Charlotte Pike Nashville-Davidson metropolitan government (balance), TN - Hillwood Estates

    This is an old hotel and bar/restaurant that has been closed for several years now. There is lots of graffiti on the sign that still stands next to the w/b side of Charlotte Pike, and on the barricade that blocks access to the property. One can also see lots of graffiti on the old bar building (former location of the Crow's Nest). It also appears that this building has been seriously vandalized. I think that the City of Nashville should attempt to force the property owner to raize the entire site.

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  • 4501 Harding Rd nashville, TN - Green Hills

    woodmont blvd needs to be paved all the way to hillsboro rd .

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  • Intersection Of Lynnwood Terrace/Hillwood Blvd And Harding Pike 37205, USA - Belle Meade

    Manhole cover in middle of intersection is about two or three inches beleow road surface. Running over it may damage tire or wheel. May cause auto accident.

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  • Interstate 40 & Robertson Ave Nashville, TN 37209, USA - Nashville-Davidson Metropolitan

    The timing of the lights at the I-40W exit with Briley/White Bridge assumes that the original, pre-construction level of traffic is present. Now that traffic has been diverted, there is much less traffic flow on White Bridge/Briley, while it is still getting much longer time than cars exiting left from I-40W. During the day it usually takes no less than two light cycles (about 5 minutes) to be able to turn left off of the I-40 exit. The light is short enough that one large truck can be the only vehicle that gets through.

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