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  • 1155-1279 U.S. 30 Business Downingtown, PA 19335, USA - Chester County

    Biss. Rt. 30 west bound needs to have the trafic lights timed with quarry road and bell tavern road so that more than a few cars get through at a time

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  • Area Smells Archived
    W Chester Bypass West Chester, PA 19382, USA - US Congressional District PA7

    This area almost always smells of sewage- believe it is coming from the portable toilet facility- Is this normal for the air to smell from that facility? Sometimes it is so rank... Is anyone else concerned about this issue?

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  • N State St Pottstown, PA 19464, USA - Upper Pottsgrove Township


    The traffic light if far too short when going straight across Route 100 to/from Upland Square Dr. and State Rd. There are multiple turning lanes which facilitate traffic going either direction on Rt. 100. However, there is only one staight lane and the traffic light is so short that only a few cars can make it through the large intersection. This poses a danger as folks get frustrated with multiple light changes and then go across on the red. With only one straight lane, a few more seconds of green light time are desperately needed at this intersection to free up the backlog of traffic that occurs. I've waited up to 3 light changes when leaving Target/Giant to get across the street! That's ridiculous!

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  • 323 335 Edmonds Ave Drexel Hill, PA 19026, USA - Drexel Hill

    Content blocked by rejections

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  • 1100-1134 U.S. 30 Business Downingtown, PA 19335, USA - Chester County

    The lights are timed poorly and west-bound rt. 30 traffic blocks the box for folks trying to make a left off of Quarry Rd.

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  • 1147-1193 W Boot Rd Downingtown, PA 19335, USA - East Bradford Township

    traffic backs up at Boot rd two tunnels and there are no turning lanes for Quary rd backing up Boot rd even more.

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  • U.S. 202 West Chester, PA 19380, USA - US Congressional District PA7

    Please fix the timing of the 2 lights on Boot Rd at the 202 intersection. Boot Rd gets backed up both ways and so does the 202 S exit because the lights are not timed correctly. Please also set the lights to blinking after 11 pm.

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  • Boot Rd And Brandywine Ave Downingtown, PA 19335, USA - Chester County

    Even though there is a no left turn sign as you exit the Wawa from the driveway closest to the intersection, people completely ignore it. It is dangerous for people to be turning left that close to the intersection. Some sort of barricade should be put up to keep people from being able to turn left there.

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  • 924 S 20th St Philadelphia, PA 19146, USA - Schuylkill Southwest

    This new store getting ready to open on the NW corner of 20th & Carpenter Streets is a disgrace. First, they breached the party wall through the back into the neighboring property. Next, they installed an air conditioner unit right out on the sidewalk (Carpenter St side). And today they have installed very ugly & DEFINITELY ILLEGAL awnings. They have no permission, variances or anything else that would be required to allow them to do these things. Neighbors unite against this blight!!

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  • Route 3 West Bound And Route 476 North - Havertown

    WB Rte 3 traffic can no longer make a right onto the secondary slip ramp onto 476 North, it was the only relief valve to the incredibly congested WB traffic getting onto the primary ramp, impossible to get in that far right lane to get on that first ramp when getting on west bound the pike from the left.

    The secondary slip ramp is a fantastic relief valve, poses no increased danger as only competing traffic for that ramp comes from east bound traffic turning on an infrequent green arrow. Its a silly new regulation.

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  • Blue Route Springfield, PA 19064, USA - US Congressional District PA7

    Every dingbat day the Blue Route is logjammed from I-95 to Route 1 for no other reason then merging traffic. For the love of Mike, please expand the poorly engineered and outdated highway known as the Blue Route. It takes one hour to complete a thirty minute drive (don't make me mention southbound problems on summer Fridays for the same two lane reason!)

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  • Route 29 At Produce Junction Phoenixville, PA 19460, USA - US Congressional District PA7

    This traffic light needs to be recalibrated. There needs to be a left turn arrow on Rt 29 north and south. Each direction of 29 traffic should get a green arrow for 30 seconds and then green both ways for a minimum of another 30 seconds. The intersecting roads should only get green lights when there is a car at the intersection.

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