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  • I-64 Eb @I-264 - Norfolk city

    double solid lines are totally ignored. sign states crossing solid double lines prohibited. This has never been enforced and is violated every few seconds during peak rush hours backing traffic up past North Hampton exit #282

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  • Hampton Roads Beltway Norfolk, VA 23513, USA - Norfolk city

    Making the changeable lanes and the hov lanes high occupancy lanes during periods of the day is adding to the severe traffic congestion felt along area freeways. During the afternoon rush hours when these sections of roads go to 2 or more occupants there is a significant decrease in traffic along the changeable road way that it is comparable to 3am road way traffic. Removing the hov 2 or more requirement would allow for the easing of some of the traffic congestion so that those who are headed to 264 east / west and to points further south on 64 past the 264 interchange to not be tied up in traffic which increases the risk of accidents and increases fuel consumption.

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  • Brambleton Ave Norfolk, VA - Norfolk city

    Weekday evenings, after 6PM, cars coming westbound down Brambleton like to make an illegal u-turn to use that on-ramp to get to the Midtown Tunnel. There is clearly a "no u-turn" sign there and these inconsiderate drivers ultimately cause a back up to the cars that ARE following the traffic rules, as there is no stop sign forcing them to stop before making said u-turn. This certainly cannot be helping the headache that has become Hampton Blvd in Ghent.

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  • 5700-5734 Chesapeake Blvd Norfolk, VA 23513, USA - Norfolk city

    There are "No Parking This Side Of Street" signs here but they are too far apart. People park here all the time and don't get tickets. The police officer at our civic league said it was because the signs were too far apart to enforce. Please put up new signs before someone gets their car door ripped off or they get hit by a car.

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  • 1401-1599 Armistead Avenue Norfolk, VA 23510, USA - Norfolk city

    Stop sign missing at 16th and Armistead. It's creating traffic issues at the new chick-fil-a.

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  • 300 Monticello Ave Norfolk, VA - Norfolk city

    The signs are up. Do not drive on tracks. No Parking. No Stopping on Crosswalk. They need to be enforced. Due to the construction of the light rail, there is now one lane in each direction. There are people the turn onto Monticello and get off of the asphalt and drive down the tracks. Taxicabs park in the lane and try to wave you around them and onto the tracks. Cars park in the crosswalk in front of MacArthur Center blocking not only the crosswalk but the travel lane that you are supposed to be driving in. You can see the tire marks on the catenary pole foundations where cars have hit them while illegally driving on the tracks. The city needs to start enforcement now. If these rules are not enforced well in advance of the opening of the light rail, we will have to deal with accidents instead of minor tickets.

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  • E Little Creek Rd & Tidewater Dr. Norfolk, VA - Norfolk city

    Eastbound E Little Creek Rd. Right lane approaching Tidewater Drive is clearly marked to enter Southern Shopping Center by both signs and hatched painted areas on the pavement. During heavy traffic hours, traffic is backed up to Dallas St in the through lanes, but generally open in the right lane. Drivers looking to cut ahead of traffic ride up the right lane and continue right past the right-turn only section to Tidewater Drive and beyond. My suggestion, either make this a legal through lane, or put up those white sticks in the hatched area of paint and force the right turn into the shopping center.

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  • Interstate 264 Norfolk, VA - Norfolk city

    The traffic is very heavy here and the drivers are weaving and lane changing all over the place. Perhaps more lanes or better signs would help with this dangerous situation.

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  • 501-599 Market St Norfolk, VA 23510, USA - Norfolk city

    The no outlet sign is on the ground at the corner of Cumberland and Market. It is supposed to let people know out is not a through road. Please fix.

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  • 822-898 Monticello Ave Norfolk, VA 23510, USA - Norfolk city

    During rush hour (especially between 5 pm and 6 pm), drivers on St. Paul's Blvd. frequently block the intersection, prohibiting cars turning left from Monticello Avenue from proceeding through the intersection. The line behind which drivers should stop on St. Paul's Blvd. should be more clearly marked, and the city should add signs at this intersection reminding drivers on St. Paul's Blvd. not to block the intersection. The city should also consider an increased fine for drivers who do block the intersection.

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  • traffic signs Archived
    Granbyst Norfolk, VA - Norfolk city

    Why are there "No Right Turn " signs at this intersection??!!! There is no reason why right turns need to be blocked at this intersection When the new Harris Teeter store opens up it is going to cause an even worse traffic jam here.

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  • United States - Norfolk city

    heutte and camellia. 3 stop signs, no1 stops. also, punks knockin down mailboxes at night

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