Darnell Goldson, Alderman, Ward 30

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  • 1-173 Valley St New Haven, CT 06515, USA - West Rock

    Graffiti on lower and upper face of West Rock.

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  • 107 Springside Ave New Haven, CT 06515 - West Rock

    This is easily the worst set of potholes in the New Haven. Run off from the hill crosses over the street, and constantly eats away the street. The problem is magnified in the winter time, when the run off freeze and creates an ice pot hole combo. The city put temporary patches to the holes, but they are eroded away in a single week! The city also put up marker cones as a warning, but its still not enough. There needs to be a permanent fix, like maybe an underground pipe to funnel the run off water under the road. You can easily see the carnage that these pot holes create. The guardrails are bent from constant crashes. The nearby trees are also scarred from being hit by cars that lost control from the holes. The damage from the run off water is so bad and so obvious that I nicknamed the area "Springside River". Its literally a river of water embedded into the street, that's how terrible it is.

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  • Wintergreen Ave New Haven, CT 06514 - West Rock

    I visited WR Park the other day and was saddened to see it so neglected. Graffiti on the walls and rocks, stone walls crumbling, poor roads and just a general sense of neglect. I'm curious to know if others also see this? It is a wonderful park and has the best view of New Haven. It is also an historical landmark. It deserves better attention from the State and from us neighbors.

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  • Code enforcement needs to enforce!

    The complex is filled with rundown and boarded up apartments. Force these slumlords to fix them up or sell the complex.

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  • 100 Valley Street New Haven, Connecticut - Westville

    The brush really needs to be cut back- visibility is limited and have to drive almost on the yellow to get around curve- its a quick mow job with the right equipment - anyone got a weed wacker??

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  • Stone St New Haven, CT - West Rock

    Tons of children come to play in the Blake St/Stone St park - This morning as I passed the park I could not believe how much trash is all over the park and street. The one garbage can is overflowing; bags of trash are hanging off of the fences and benches. People are also often seen cleaning out their cars onto the street, smoking (things other than cigarettes), and drinking alcohol openly. There are schools near by that use this park as well as daycares and the local families. The park needs more trash cans - maybe if they are placed by the benches they will catch the majority of the garbage. The cans do need to be emptied regularly.

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  • 100 Valley Street New Haven, Connecticut - West Rock

    The new speed indicators need to be adjusted- coming down the hill, the sign will flash the speed for cars going up the hill.
    They also don't seem to be working coming from Blake Street.

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  • 108 Springside Avenue New Haven, CT - West Rock

    As I travel Valley Street everyday, I am stating that the hope Mayor Harp follows thru on her plan to tag and tow cars. From East Ramsdell thru Pond Lily Avenue the cars have parked on the odd side of the street thru every snow storm. The road is not plowed wide enough for buses or cars to get thru side by side. Please do something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They can park in West Hills magnet School.

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  • Drug traffic Archived
    Norton St. New Haven ct 06511 - Amity

    Drug dealing going on. Selling drugs from cars and on foot with a synagogue on the corner. And between two schools.

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  • SNOW REMOVAL Archived
    16 Valley Pl N New Haven, CT 06515, USA - Amity


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  • Brookside Ave New Haven, CT 06515, USA - West Rock

    The sidewalk between Level Street and Wilmot Road does not have any cleared path through the snow for pedestrians walking to the bus stop or to Brennan-Rogers school. This morning I watched kids walking in the street and a mom lifting her baby stroller over a snowbank to get on the B bus.

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  • Stone & Hard Street New Haven, Connecticut - West Rock

    There are 4 garbage cans overflowing with foul smelling contents and beer bottles scattered at their bases. After walking off of the West Rock trail head by the little league base ball field we could not stand the horrible smell. Many small children and their families had to sit on the benches and stare/smell over flowing garbage bins and beer bottles. The garbage cans in the small parking lot are completely overflowing - garbage is scattered everywhere including beer bottles and 2-3 abandoned t-shirts. PLEASE SOMEONE IN THE PARKS DEPARTMENT HELP!! The parks should be checked every MONDAY morning as many games occur on Saturday/Sunday. PLEASE KEEP THE PARKS CLEAN!!! West Rock is so incredibly beautiful - it deserves much better treatment.

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