Melissa Huber

Rank: Municipal Avenger Civic Points: 600
  • 333 E Michigan Ave Lansing, Michigan - Lansing

    (1) Multiple street lights (maybe 8?) along the river trail near Lansing Center are out. I hope BWL can figure out which ones since they likely replace lights during the day.

    (2) The foot lights along the boardwalk steps (from lower level river trail going up to Lansing Center) are all out as well. It was *very* unsafe walking in the dark after the Lugnuts game last night. I could barely make out where the steps were. Thanks for looking into this!

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  • Harrison And Kalamazoo East Lansing, Michigan - East Lansing

    Intersection is totally black outed at Harrison and Kalamazoo, and along Kalamazoo. Street lights have been dark for quite some time. Very dangerous!! A student was almost run over tonight in the dark. Please fix!!

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  • 2905 Sunderland Road Lansing, Michigan - Lansing

    The glass lamp is tipped and appears to be hanging by one bolt. I think this happened another time in the past year. I wonder if a tree branch has been hitting it. Thanks for the attention to this :-)

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  • 2800 Block Sandhurst Lansing, MI - Lansing

    Globe is only hanging by 1 screw...could easily topple with just a bit more wind.

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