Sylvan Park

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Sylvan Park, Nashville, TN 37209

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  • 103 37th Ave N Nashville, TN 37209, USA - Sylvan Park

    The 37th Ave dips down a small hill onto Murphy. The pavement is broken and very bumpy across both lanes.

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  • Graffiti Archived
    4201 Charlotte Avenue Nashville-Davidson metropolitan government (balance), TN - Sylvan Park

    I don't know if this graffiti is gang-related or not, but I would love to have the Metro Nashville Police Department check into it, and then have the Metro Codes people get the property owner to clean it up.

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  • 5010 Wyoming Ave Nashville, TN - Sylvan Park

    Apparently I'm the only one who cares so disregard.

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  • 204-208 46th Ave N Nashville, TN 37209, USA - Sylvan Park

    Water main leak on 46 Ave North at the bottom of the hill. North bound lane.

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  • 5302 Nevada Charlotte, TN - Sylvan Park

    53rd needs a stop sign at the corner of Nevada since people use 53rd to race back and forth from Charlotte to Wyoming. This intersection is a hazard and drivers tend to drive over the speed limit, especially during work and school commute hours.

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  • 417 Acklen Park Dr Nashville, TN - Cherokee Park

    There is a bush near Acklen Park Dr. that is hanging into the street. I do not want it to scratch my car, but I also do not want to veer into an oncoming vehicle. The owner should trim the bush!

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  • 413 Acklen Park Dr Nashville, TN - Cherokee Park

    The people who live at this house have put out furniture and debris that will not be picked up with trash cans. It has been there since July. On the corner of Acklen Park Dr. near Nebraska Ave. train bridge.

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  • 4708 Wyoming Avenue Nashville, TN - Sylvan Park

    Tenants have left piles of trash in alley behind property at 4708 Wyoming avenue an needs to be cleaned up by owners.

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  • Pothole Open
    4425 Murphy Rd Nashville, TN 37209, USA - Sylvan Park


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  • 108 44th Avenue North Nashville, TN - Sylvan Park

    The street light has been out for months. I've sent 3 emails asking NES when I might expect it to be repaired. They continue to say asap.

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  • 35 38th Ave N Nashville-Davidson metropolitan government (balance), TN - Sylvan Park

    The limbs to the trees or bushes have not been picked up for almost 6-8 months. The branches are frequently strewn down the street and onto Murphy. Also, I am afraid that because of the thick brush that it invites mice, rats, and other creatures to live in.

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  • tree Open
    46 Ave Charlotte, TN - Sylvan Park

    thair is a hedgeapple tree thay are over the ground you can trip over and thay have broken bus top thay have all most hit my in the head is thay something can be done befor getr hurt it one of these hit a old person or small chilld it could hurt them bad thanks for the help

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