Wheaton, MD

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Wheaton, MD (Kemp Mill, Arcola, Downtown Wheaton, Wheaton Regional Park areas)

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  • Hermleigh Rd And Kemp Mill Rd Silver Spring, MD - Montgomery County - Mid County

    More preference needs to be given to traffic on Kemp Mill Rd -- keep it green longer -- traffic backs up on Kemp Mill Rd to Randolph Rd during morning rush hour because the light at Hermleigh changes too often, even when there is no traffic coming out of Hermleigh -- either fix the sensor so the light only changes when there's a car waiting on Hermleigh or adjust the timing so Kemp Mill gets a longer green -- thanks!

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  • Large Pothole Archived
    1801 Arcola Ave Silver Spring, MD 20902, USA - Montgomery County - Mid County

    There is a large pothole at the intersection of Arcola and Orebaugh Ave (it is on the north side of Arcola as you enter Wheaton Regional on Orebaugh)

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  • Randolph Road & Ga Ave. Wheaton, MD - Montgomery County - Mid County

    After a lot of work on this intersection the broken lies on GA Ave. showing the turn lanes from Randolph RD are missing. Two lanes turn at this intersection from both sides and the lines helped keep traffic moving. With trucks and cars coming at each other, traffic does backup and some people do miss the light. The broken lines showing the turn lanes did help.

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  • 10812-10916 Inwood Ave Silver Spring, MD 20902, USA - Montgomery County - Mid County

    Sink hole: WSSC? excavated in February, back filled, now a large sink hole. Cars swerve into on-coming traffic to avoid hole. 1/2 block from elem. school. Area heavily traveled by school children & autos.

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  • 2319 Parker Ave Silver Spring, MD - Montgomery County - Mid County
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  • Potholes Archived
    2407 Parker Ave Wheaton-Glenmont, MD 20902, USA - Montgomery County - Mid County

    Deeper than they look and growing.

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  • 10919 Horde St Silver Spring, MD 20902, USA - Montgomery County - Mid County

    The main bundle is splitting away from its support cable. A Verizon tech told me he submitted a job on it in June, but nothing has been done. The cable is on Alberti Dr. near the intersection w/ Horde St.

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  • 2212 Parker Avenue Silver Spring, MD 20902, USA - Montgomery County - Mid County

    Metro Access driver thought it would be cool to drive thru a pedestrian footpath. Even the tow truck almost got stuck. Damaged WSSC or County drainage works and the area may never be repaired.

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  • 12814 Flack Street Wheaton-Glenmont, MD - Montgomery County - Mid County

    My neighbor received a citation from the County indicating she had 24 hours to remove the snow from her sidewalk (and an additional 24 hours if the
    County created the problem). The County dumped 6 feet of snow and ice on the neighbors sidewalk, and now demands that she remove it.

    Additionally, the County snow removal process has damaged many curbs and sidewalks in the 12800 block of Flack Street. Then there are the scalped lawns, where the front-end loaders have scraped great hunks of turf from the easements.

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  • problem tree Archived
    711 S Belgrade Rd Silver Spring, MD 20902, USA - Montgomery County - Mid County

    Top of tree is dead and communication lines are endangered by branch system.

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  • Randolph And Glenallen Ave. Silver Spring, MD - Montgomery County - Mid County

    When crossing Randolph Rd at Glenallen the yellow dividing lines are not lined up. Please extend the yellow lines or mark them with a cone. One could easily run into oncoming traffic.

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  • 11500-11531 Colt Terrace Silver Spring, Maryland - Montgomery County - Mid County

    Japanese Stilt grass has killed many peoples lawns in this area. The weed grows rampant in the parks & the park svc refuses to do anything about or even clean up the weeds in their property. It is from these weeds that the seeds spread to homeowners lawns. The MD Agriculture dept tells us to use pre-emergent crab grass product in february to prevent the weeds from growing. You think the MNCPCC would use it to save THEIR property from being taken over by these weeds? NO, so the weeds on their property go to seed and infect MD homeowners' property.
    I have lost almost 1/2 of my back (Zoysia grass) yard to the weeds.
    The yard borders the (Wheaton), regional park which is all weeds.
    The times when a couple park managers came over to look, the main guy said "how do we know that YOUR weeds in your lawn didn't infect the park"? To say the least I was ready to have hubby plant a size 12 shoe where the sun-don't-shine!! So they did NOTHING about the weeds in the park and my lawn has suffered every year since.
    Help please!

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