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Berkeley City Council District 7

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  • Fire hazard Archived
    2346 Stuart St Berkeley, CA 94705, USA - South Berkeley
    Karim's bike shop is a fire hazard and can in no way pass fire safety inspection. In addition, there are numerous accounts of people finding their stolen bikes there and seeing the owner deal with bike thiefs. How is this commercial establishment allowed to stay on business?
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  • 6640 Telegraph Avenue Oakland, California - Berkeley
    Graffiti on southeast corner of building where everyone can see it coming into Oakland especially those stopped at traffic signal.
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  • 2409 Webster St Berkeley, CA 94705, USA - Berkeley
    There is a constant litter problem on the streets around the Alta Bates Hospital, especially on Webster st. Perhaps the city of Berkeley could ask the Hospital to help keep the neighborhood clean?
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  • 2515-2599 Russell Street Berkeley, CA 94705, USA - Berkeley

    We saw this one but there are many others. They seem to censor certain locations, perhaps to deter cyclists.

    Police should be involved to catch them.

    It was somewhere near Hillegass route, but these abound. Thank you

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  • The Crescent Berkeley, CA 94720, USA - Berkeley
    Cars turning across the crosswalk from Eastbound University onto northbound Oxford (as the vehicle to the right of this picture is) often don't yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk. More dangerous is for traffic (particularly bikes) heading westbound from campus onto University. I was nearly crushed by a cement truck today, while on my bike. I had the right of way and was following all traffic laws as the truck came barreling around the corner. A filter arrow is needed here before someone gets killed.
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  • Other Issues Archived
    2541-2599 Dwight Way Berkeley, CA 94704, États-Unis - Berkeley
    Service and law enforcement vehicles often need to access the location, but appear to no good option for parking. Frequently, the special eastbound section of Dwight (for cyclists to travel southbound from Bowditch to Hillegass) is completely blocked by parked service vehicles. This amounts to a full closure of this direction of travel on Dwight, with no safe alternative or detour indicated. Perhaps public parking spaces could be removed to allow for service/police access without creating ambiguous, unsafe road conditions?
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  • 2800 Telegraph Avenue Berkeley, CA 94705, USA - South Berkeley
    Telegraph not signed..thank you
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  • 2319 Howe Street Berkeley, CA 94705, USA - South Berkeley
    a twin mattress is laying on the sidewalk on Howe St (cross street is Telegraph)
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  • Other Issues Archived
    3000 Bateman Street Berkeley, CA 94705, USA - Berkeley
    Broken irrigation line creating a mud pit.
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  • Parking Enforcement Acknowledged
    6622 Deakin St. Oakland, California - Bushrod
    Abandoned Vehicle
    Location: 6622 Deakin St. Oakland 94609
    Make: Saturn
    Model: ?
    Color: Gold
    License #:4SHS162
    Duration without moving: Approximately 4 weeks
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  • 2700 Regent St Berkeley, CA 94705, USA - Berkeley
    Abandoned sofa on the walker between Willard playing field and tennis courts.
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  • Le Roy Btwn Virginia And Le Conte Berkeley, California - Berkeley

    Hill side of Le Roy is already pooling between Virginia and Ridge Road

    One storm drain on Le Roy below new passthrough intersection drain apparently filled with construction debris from curb work. If so, this is construction company's liability, and as they likely have numerous sites, they should be accountable at all sites.

    Much more troubling is that the intersection underpass design of the curb drainage at Le Roy and Le Conte is very inapprooriate for a rainy, hilly urban area that already requires frequent repaving.

    Doing this across from one of the best engineering schools in the world is just aaking for trouble. This causes non~drainage dangers to pedestrians and drivers as well as destroys habitat and shortens built environmentblife cycle. I am curious as to how soon the storm drain managers intend to adopt workarounds at the street level rather than ensure proper drainage underground.

    The other solution is to destroy most of the built environment to eliminate built environment runoff completely. This is essentially what the new design will do, very slowly, and with casualties.

    Storm drain work in downtown Berkeley stopped a month ago at the same time I made a complaint to Cof B compliance office related to contractors use of toxic fuming materials。 Proper drainage system should not be an either/or choice between toxic exposure and poorly designed street level workarounds。

    As Berkeley and Oakland are both experiencing increased built environment, the opportunity to do things effectively presents itself as does the longg term (public borne) cost of doing things inadequately.

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