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Grand Lake and vicinity

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  • 471-517 Lake Park Avenue Oakland, California - Lakeshore

    A Queen Palm was demolished earlier today when a car westbound on Lake Park skidded out of control. This is not an emergency since he tree has already been removed.

    While I the hope the driver wasn't seriously injured, this incident raises two distinct issues:

    #1: This was the third of the Queen Palms that were installed in 2003 as part of the Splash Pad project that were destroyed by out of control vehicles. On the first two occasions, as far as I know, no efforts were made by the city to sue for damages that would be used to plant replacement palms. An established Queen Palm this size is going to run about $600 -$700 and delivery and installation will double that price. Since the Public Works Department is extremely short-staffed and lacking in funds, this latest palm is not going to be replaced unless the driver's insurance company foots the bill. As we all know, the city is being sued constantly--often for far less clear-cut reasons. How about us trying to level the playing field?

    #2: There have been numerous accidents on this short stretch of Lake Park -- typically cars speeding as they come off the freeway and/or speeding up to try and make the green light on Grand. The palm in the median across from KFC was destroyed several years ago and not replaced. The one today was across from Chao Thai. Another three palms in that median are heavily scarred from earlier accidents. I'd strongly suggest that Traffic Engineering look into installation of signs that warn of a curve ahead and/or 25mph speed limit signs or whatever else may do the trick.

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  • Ongoing nuisance Acknowledged
    341 13th Street Oakland, California - Downtown

    The shooting on the morning of April 13th outside of shadow ultra lounge makes that the 10th shooting at that address in the last 3 years. That's probably some sort of record. Any chance that the operator of the nightclub could be evicted under the nuisance ordinance? Or do we have to get to 20 shootings before something can be done?

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  • Lakeshore Avenue And The Cleveland Cascade Oakland, CA - Lake Merritt

    As with other pedestrian crosswalks in our community, this one at the Cleveland Cascade has no lighting to alert drivers that someone is crossing. I recently was almost hit when a driver began to brake as I approached and then accelerated through the crosswalk, narrowly missing me just as I stepped out into his or her path. This crosswalk needs the same blinking light system used in other area crosswalks.

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  • 2215 Park Blvd Oakland, CA - Cleveland Heights

    Speed Limit Solar Sign ► Open
    2215 Park Blvd
    This 25 MPH solar Speed Limit Sign has not been working for at least over a year. Report has been made before but nothing has been done.
    This Speed Limit Sign is critical for the neighborhood because speeding vehicles are happening everyday.
    Elementary School crossing is a block and half away.
    Some go as fast ad 40-50 MPH.

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  • Street Light Acknowledged
    3300 Grand Avenue Oakland, California - Lakeshore

    This issue relates to the Walker Avenue parking lot - the entrance to which is between 3268 and 3300 Grand. This city parking lot has a huge problem with auto break-ins and there's also an inordinate amount of armed robberies in this area. From what we've been told, there are no plans currently to replace the existing lighting with LEDs. In the interest of safety and as a way to provide needed support to Grand Avenue businesses, we'd urge the city to find the means to make this possible.

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  • 609 Vernon Street Oakland, CA 94610, USA - Grand Lake

    City came by and blasted hole in street and then left it with orange cone. Needs to be fixed immediately. Huge and getting bigger with street traffic. Now it is a great hazard to cars and the neighborhood in general!

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  • 2201 Park Boulevard Oakland, CA 94606, USA - Cleveland Heights

    Solar speed limit sign has been broken for over a year. Corner of Haddon and Park Blvd

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  • 498 Lake Park Avenue Oakland, California - Lakeshore

    A 15-20 foot length of sidewalk in front of Bank of America at 496 Lake Park is broken and extremely uneven. The security guard posted out front of B of A says people are tripping and falling daily. This should be a high priority repair.

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  • Lighting Acknowledged
    18 Randwick Ave Oakland, California - Oakland Ave-Harrison St

    Lighting is dim along this street and around Glen Echo Park (Oak Glen Park). Many recent muggings in these dimly lit areas.

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  • 530 Lake Park Avenue Oakland, California - Lakeshore

    Approximately, 10 street trees were planted just over a year ago as part of the Lakeshore Complete Streets Improvement Project. These are two of the three that have already fallen and been removed. At least three others have snapped off part way up the trunk including one on Rand that's two-thirds gone. This can't be coincidental. Blame has to go to the contractors who installed the trees without adequate staking and most likely too shallow with too little soil compaction. The trees need to be replaced and better staked. It would be nice to see it done at the contractor's expense - not the city's.

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  • Broadway And 24th St Oakland, California - Northgate

    The uncontrolled crosswalk on 24th Street crossing Broadway is heavily used, connecting to the YMCA, but I have seen many drivers refuse to stop for pedestrians waiting on the corner and when one does the drivers in the next lane over invariably don't follow suit leading to many close calls. This is especially problematic with traffic on northbound Broadway, as their view of the crosswalk to the left is blocked by the trees and plantings in the median.

    I would like to see "sharks teeth" advance yield markings painted on Broadway ahead of the crosswalk to give drivers another visual indication that they should prepare to stop, and if possible install pushbutton-activated rapid flashing beacons on the "pedestrian crossing" signs to make the crosswalk safer to use at both day and night.

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  • 2101 Webster St. Oakland, California - Downtown

    Please stop the valet service at 2101 Webster Street from routinely double parking in and blocking the dedicated bike lanes as part of its normal operations. This is not a once-in-a-while thing, but every day. Please send parking enforcement to ticket these vehicles and encourage the valet service to move operations to a more suitable location.

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