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  • 848 E Meadbrook St Carson, California - Carson

    Street light in front of 840 east meadbrook street is malfunctioning at night the light come on then goes out for long period of time needs to be fix right away.

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  • 17453 South Central Avenue Carson, California - Carson

    Bad pothole at Central and Albertoni. Going south on Central, just before Albertoni

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  • 23240 Acrchibald Carson, California - Carson

    around 232nd place school on 232nd place there is big letters all over the wall

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  • 21177-21191 Main Street Carson, California - Carson

    the road in this stretch of pavement has bumps and uneven places.
    when the daily truck traffic travels over these areas the noise & subsequent vibrations experienced shake & rattle our windows & doors to the point we're not sure if it's an earthquake or what! it literally sounds like trains crashing, it even makes the dog on edge it's so loud!

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  • 16435 Ishida Ave. Carson, CA - Carson

    Street lights out on Ishida Ave. And on Gardena Blvd., east of Avalon Ave.

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  • 210 East Javelin Street Carson, California - Carson

    New street lights just put in and 1 is not working

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  • 3000-3098 West Del Amo Boulevard Carson, California - Carson

    Pothole on Eastbound Del Amo Blvd, far right lane, just under the 710 freeway bridge. Very dangerous, cars swerving to miss it.

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