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  • 20 Mulberry Point Rd CT 06437 - Guilford
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  • 57-71 Goose Lane Guilford, CT 06437, USA - Guilford
    The sidewalk and roadside of Goose Lane that runs beneath I-95 is littered with mud, sand and leaves. Very unpleasant for walkers/joggers. Guilford Town Highway Dept. should sweep it!
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  • 2-48 River Street Guilford, Connecticut - Guilford Center
    Large potholes have developed on River St. in front of the stop sign turning onto Water St.
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  • 70 Woodside Rd Guilford, CT - Guilford
    Our road was poorly plowed and the cul d sac is will unplowed. Cars are getting stuck and UPS truck was stuck this morning.
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  • 35 Summer Street Guilford, CT 06437, USA - Guilford Center

    I appreciate this home is owned by a bank or going through the process. That being said, it looks terrible. It's bad for the bank, bad for the neighbors, bad for the town. Together we can do something.

    I took it upon myself to clear a big limb downed by Sandy. If the town could put a crew on this for 2 hours it could make a huge dent in just cleaning up the yard.

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  • Boston Post Road Guilford , Ct - Guilford

    The building that used to belong to Bobby Baird, needs to be finally is an eyesore very near a popular tourist attraction in Guilford

    It must be loaded with rats and other animals now. It has been looking like that for way too long now

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  • Potholes Archived
    17 Streamview Circle Guilford, Connecticut - Guilford
    3 potholes on Maupus Rd. between North Madison Rd. and Thistle Rock La. Road is very narrow on the curve and they are unavoidable. I have had a flat in the past due to these. Need repair ASAP!
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  • Lighting Archived
    9-99 Putzel Ave Guilford, Connecticut - Guilford
    Lights out on 95 off stretches in Bridgeport, and Westport.
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  • Killer tree Archived
    380-416 New Whitfield Street Guilford, CT 06437, USA - Guilford Center
    There is a tree split in the middle in two places that has the potential to fall on Someone walking down the sidewalk. It really needs to be taken down before somebody gets killed.
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  • Pot hole Archived
    Soundview Guilford, Connecticut - Guilford
    Large pot hole on right hand side of road in front of crossfit, before east river
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  • Broken curb Archived
    1-99 Thankful Stow Rd Guilford, Connecticut - Guilford
    The curb on the west corner of Three Corners Rd. and Thankful Stow Rd. has been broken since February 2013.
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  • Weatherly Trail Guilford, CT - Guilford
    The entrance to the road is full of potholes. The rest if the road have some significant potholes as well. They are dangerous and are capable of tire damage.
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