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  • 20 Mulberry Point Rd CT 06437 - Guilford
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  • Boston Post Road Guilford , Ct - Guilford

    The building that used to belong to Bobby Baird, needs to be finally is an eyesore very near a popular tourist attraction in Guilford

    It must be loaded with rats and other animals now. It has been looking like that for way too long now

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  • 57-71 Goose Lane Guilford, CT 06437, USA - Guilford

    The sidewalk and roadside of Goose Lane that runs beneath I-95 is littered with mud, sand and leaves. Very unpleasant for walkers/joggers. Guilford Town Highway Dept. should sweep it!

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  • 70 Woodside Rd Guilford, CT - Guilford

    Our road was poorly plowed and the cul d sac is will unplowed. Cars are getting stuck and UPS truck was stuck this morning.

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  • 95 North Before Exit 58 Guilford, CT - Guilford Center

    large tree down across 95 north blocking all lanes.

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  • Long Hill Road & Route 1 Guilford, CT - Guilford

    For 18 months (XMas snow of 2010) the signal doesn't recognize traffic at Long Hill entering Route 1.

    The Route 1 traffic is constantly stopped when there are no cars entering from Long Hill.

    This wastes countless driver-minutes and fuel over the last 18 months.

    The signal worked ideally for many years prior.

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  • Downed Tree Archived
    West Lake Ave Guilford, CT - Guilford

    Tree across road here
    Another tree 100 yrds south accross the street also downed utility pole.
    Trees down north of here in 2-3 places on West Pond towards Rt-80.

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  • 2-48 River Street Guilford, Connecticut - Guilford Center

    Large potholes have developed on River St. in front of the stop sign turning onto Water St.

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  • 442-498 Old Whitfield Street Guilford, CT 06437, USA - Guilford Center

    Sign took a beating in Sandy. We don't really want the impression for the marina to start with broken signs do we?

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  • 1 51 Flag Marsh Rd Guilford Center, CT 06437, USA - Guilford

    A recent installation onto the tavern property(i think) has left a very deep very sharp edged unpaved swath across Flag Marsh Road. This needs to be fixed immediately. Even using caution when crossing this cut, the impact on tires is very disturbing and may be more dangerous than the contractor and town inspectors realize.

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  • 1419 Long Hill Rd guilford, ct - Guilford

    unocupied house in disaray

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  • 23 Water Street 2nd Floor Rear Apt Guilford, CT - Guilford Center

    My heat hasn't been working in a week. I have been using it the past few months and it worked fine until last Friday. called the gas company they said it was active, check the breaker box and that was not tripped, furnace switch is turned on and the theromstat batteries are brand new. I can't get to the furnace to check that out because its in the ceiling which requires a latter. My landlord is out of the country. He sent someone Tuesday night to check it out but the guy didn't have a ladder so he said he would come back wednesday during the day and have it fixed for me. He never showed and I still have no heat and no way to contact the guy.

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