Steve Miklos

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Steve Miklos, Mayor

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  • 267 Cimmaron Cir Folsom, California - Folsom

    Mattress on "bike path" behind St. John's Catholic church and 267 Cimmaron Circle under huge oak tree

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  • 955 Sterling Cir Folsom, CA 95630, USA - Folsom

    On sidewalk for years ...

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  • 664 Henry Ct Folsom, CA 95630, USA - Folsom

    Street lights on Henry street and court going on too late and when they go on they flicker

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  • 6700-6734 Oak Ave Folsom, CA 95630, USA - Folsom

    West bound bike lane is covered in pine needles and leaves from nearby trees. Needs street cleaning. Zittel Farm trees along property line need pruning to allow pedestrians and cyclists to safely use the bike lane. There is some unsightly junk or irrigation debris littered along the inside of their property line. Please send them a friendly letter to tidy up.

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  • Folsom Ca - Folsom

    If we are in such a drought then we should not be allowed to water any plants lawns excetra Landscaping is not a necessity drinking water is this also should be applied for residential as well I have not watered one thing in my lawn in over four months and have no plan on doing so in the future

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  • 1908-1916 Prairie City Rd Folsom, CA 95630, USA - Folsom

    Several GNC 30% off signs on curbs and roadways.

    Prairie city rd near Intel

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  • 129 Ofria Drive Folsom, California - Folsom

    Underground water leak on corner of Randall Dr. and Ofria Dr. On the Ofria side of the park where grass was removed.

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  • 121-123 Black Powder Cir Folsom, CA 95630, USA - Folsom

    Sidewalk pushed up by roots and uneven. Dangerous to trip on when walking. On south side at 120 Black Powder right under street light

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  • Water Waste Archived
    50 Natoma St Folsom, California - Folsom

    Test - Broken Sprinkler

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  • 513-599 Natoma St Folsom, CA 95630, USA - Folsom

    There is insufficient signage for the school crossing at Natoma and Scott Streets. Anyone who drives though this intersection during the school week will see texting/distracted drivers plow right through the intersection at high speed while students try an cross Natoma. If this busy intersection is beyond the school's area of responsibility (1 block away) the city needs to take responsibility and install a flashing crosswalk and/or ensure police patrols are posted instead of posting officers at the other crossing points where crossing guards and lighted crosswalks are already in place.

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  • 6004 Riley St Folsom, CA 95630, USA - Folsom

    Broken irrigation line in front of Livermore Park sign spraying 10ft into the air eating water.

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  • 144 Oak Rock Cir Folsom, California - Folsom

    Glass in bike lane. Now on day3

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