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Report street repair and traffic issues in the Greater Cornwall area.

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  • 1 Duncan Ave Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY 12520 - Cornwall-on-Hudson
    It is too difficult to see oncoming traffic from both the left and the right of Hudson St., creating a dangerous intersection.
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  • 705 Orrs Mills Rd New Windsor, NY 12553, USA - US Congressional District NY19
    Speed limit at 55mph on Rt. 32 S is too high. Cars leaving Orrs Mill road have to cross fingers that no one is coming around corner too fast and will hit them while they are pulling out. This speed limit on Rt 32 from Enterprise Car Rental to Orrs Mill must be lowered to at least 40 MPH.
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  • 590 Orrs Mills Rd New Windsor, NY 12553, USA - US Congressional District NY19
    I live on Lyndon Lane and daily have to cross my fingers and hope I do not get hit pulling out onto Orrs Mills road. I have only lived on Lyndon since 2008 and already I cannot count the number of times I have almost been hit. I have coordinated with Orange county to post signs, but they said the reduction of speed would need to be handled by Cornwall. If you poll everyone on our street you will get 100% that will tell you that intersection (Lyndon & Orrs Mills) is extremely dangerous. I would like lower speed limits AND law enforcement to sit (corner of Pleasant Hill & Orrs Mills would be perfect)and issue tickets
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  • Horrible Road Archived
    Mountain Rd Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY 12520 - Cornwall-on-Hudson
    Driving both North/South Bound on Mountain Road is horrible. The road needs serious repair because of the potholes and crumbling of road.
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  • 177 Main St Firthcliffe, NY 12518 - Firthcliffe
    The green arrow is not timed with the red light. People come to a sudden stop and are confused if they are in the right lane. Used to be constant green arrow.
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  • Lafayette St Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY 12520, USA - Cornwall-on-Hudson
    Content blocked by rejections
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  • 64 Quaker Ave Firthcliffe, NY 12518 - Firthcliffe
    Quaker Ave. exit from 9w southbound, left turn at split towards Route 32, by the stop sign/intersection with Quaker Ave. - there's a huge hole several feet long and at least a foot deep instead of any shoulder. this huge hole directly abuts the driving lane and is very dangerous.
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  • 97 Cherry Ave Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY 12520 - Cornwall-on-Hudson
    There is limited to no visibility to the left when turning from Cherry Ave on to Hudson. I was almost hit by a cop driving and talking on his cell phone down Hudson. This could be helped by eliminating a few parking spaces in front of Butterhill antiques.
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  • Academy And Main - Firthcliffe
    Known gang tags spray painted on the rocks on the southeast corner of Academy (218) and Main Street in view of every school bus filled with OUR children going to/from CCMS. CPD>>>Document Gang Activity and have the Cornwall DPW clean or cover it.
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  • 101 Russell St Firthcliffe, NY 12518 - Firthcliffe
    The stop sign on Russel St @ Harold needs a road marking at it. Drivers approach Harold and blow right through. The intersection is wide at that point and the sign is not obvious. We need a white line painted at the intersection alerting people of the stop.
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  • visibility Archived
    Quaker Avenue Key Food Plaza - Firthcliffe
    when are the ridiculous bushes framing the entrance to the key food plaza going to be removed? (or severely cut back ) unless you are in a truck or other high-rise vehicle the bushes completely block the view of any oncoming vehicles.
    and why is this application in french?
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