Hartford Animal Control Unit

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Animal Control Unit
Hartford Police Department
Sergeant Heriberto Resto, Supervisor

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  • 67 Dart St. Hartford, CT - Behind The Rocks

    Shed with chickens and other animals. Smell drifts through the neighborhood.

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  • 700 Capitol Ave And Highway 84 Overpass near Forest St - Frog Hollow

    There is an illegal trash dumping site under highway 84 and Capitol Ave near Forest St. in Hartford Ct. There are old toilets, tires, construction debris and mattreses. The City of Hartford and the DOT refuse to acknowledge their resposibility to cleaning up this unsitely safety hazard. This area is very close to Hartford High School and is traveled by students. It is also a disturbng eye sore as you enter into the Capitol City. This is the imagine that most people see as they enter and leave into Hartford. The lasting imagine.
    This area is on Capitol Ave under the highway near Hartford HS. This area is extremely dangerous due to uneven spaling concrete sidewalks, no lighting, collaping fences and rats.

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  • 25 Brunswick St. Hartford, CT - South End

    ATV'S and pocket rockets being driven on Brunswick St. and surrounding area. They are located at 25 Brunswick St.

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  • 30 Nepaug Street Hartford, CT - South West

    Occupant of 30 Nepaug St. selling frozen ice cups from the window of her side porch. Property borders Batchelder elementary school. Neighborhood children lined-up in the side yard, near the rear window of side porch, pay 25-cents per cup. There are 2 pit bulls barking in each of two side windows. This occupant previously had a pit bull bite a neighborhood child and the dog was subsequently put down. Some neighborhood children now afraid to approach the house.

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  • 60 Elm St Hartford, CT 06103, USA - Downtown

    Need "stop for pedestrians" signs in crosswalks aroun Pulaski Circle, specifically on elm and Hudson. People coming off the circle treat those roads like runways and there are often people with children and dogs crossing to and from bushnell park

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  • Barking Dog Archived
    164 White Street Hartford, CT - South West

    Dog tied up on leash in back yard is left outside just about every day all day and barks nonstop.

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  • 764 Park St Hartford, CT 06106, USA - Frog Hollow

    The gymnasium part of St. Anne's has a fresh batch of graffiti on the side facing Park Street. There has long been some on it, but in recent days a significant more has been added. It's not the type of work that remotely fits into the category of art and should probably be removed.

    Somewhat related -- the gymnasium part of the building is somewhat of an eyesore, as there is just this swath of bleak concrete. Maybe the church could add some planters filled with flowers and plants to this side. It'd make the building look less vacant and probably less appealing as a target for vandals.

    update: as of January 2011 the graffiti is still present

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  • Noisy bird Archived
    2-98 Central Row Hartford, CT 06103, USA - Downtown

    Some kind of bird atop either the Old State House or an adjacent building spends several hours each afternoon squawking VERY loudly. It's nice to have wildlife coexisting with humanity and all that, but this is a bit much. I can hear the %#$@ thing clearly inside my office a block away.

    If it isn't an endangered species, can Animal Control kindly remove this territorial critter to a better habitat?

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  • 235 Wethersfield Avenue Hartford, CT 06114, USA - Barry Square

    Windows in attic & others are open - pigeons and other animals are moving in

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  • 1-39 Hawthorn Street Hartford, Connecticut - Asylum Hill

    Several months ago I reported that dangerous storm grates were being installed as part of the road construction associated with Fastrak station. It appears that the same style of grates continues to be installed. The grates have long slots parallel to the direction of travel and could cause a catastrophic bicycle crash. This style of storm grate has been phased out for obvious safety and liability reasons.

    Curious how the contractor has managed to not correct this issue, particularly with design standards and a previous SeeClickFix report. The CT Fastrak project is clearly intended to serve more than car drivers, and I would expect the road projects adjacent to the stations to have special attention paid to "Complete Streets" design tenets.

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  • Dog poop Acknowledged
    Grandview Terrace Hartford, Connecticut - Barry Square

    Dog owners should be reminded that they should pickup after their dogs after they poop. it is a city ordinance that they have to obey . it is nasty and unhealthy.city needs to do something about this .plus these people also do not have their dogs registered.dog warden should do his job.not just getting a paycheck from the city which is our tax dollars.when we call their office they do not answer the phone as if they were really busy . like doing what ? useless department .wasting our tax dollars doing nothing.

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  • Pothole Archived
    Main Street Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown

    Please fix main streets horrible potholes! These are located in the north end and south end, for some odd reason downtown main street has perfect roads with minimal potholes and its like the city doesn't care about the north and south ends road conditions, maybe because people mainly work there and visit downtowns attractions? This isn't fair to the north and south end residents! There isn't any exact addresses because its the whole part of both ends. They have only been filled with tar making the roads more uneven and bumpy with tiny rocks flying up hitting your car as you pass over the filled holes! I've had my car in for repairs because of this issue and ended up cracking my motor resulting in having to buy a new car among other repairs such as alignments, cracked oil pan and my windshield even cracked from impact. Please assess these two areas carefully and ppave, not just fill the holes!

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