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  • 9606 N Mo Pac Expy Austin, TX - Gateway

    This is the flyover from southbound Mopac to southbound 183. After exiting Mopac onto the flyover, there is an on-ramp from the southbound feeder road (near York Blvd) that is supposed to yield to Mopac traffic. 1 car in 20 actually yields resulting in accidents and numerous near misses. The yield sign is placed too far back and not where the feeder onramp drivers are looking. Please put up a yield sign on the left side of that on ramp as well and paint up the pavement too. Last accident there was approx one month ago.

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  • 6201 W Parmer Ln Austin, TX 78729, USA - Jollyville

    When turning from sb parmer onto McNeil east (i.e. Left onto McNeil), the turn signal is way too short. Only about 5 cars get through which means 1) that long lines form in the turn lane and it takes 3 light cycles to finally make the turn and 2) lots of people run the light/turn signal. Please extend the left turn signal timing!!

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  • 2600 Scofield Ridge Parkway Austin, TX - Austin

    On both sides of Scofield Ridge Parkway there are major bumps and dips on the roads. This causes harm to cars and is quite dangerous. Additionally, because there are SO many dips and bumps in this road, the entry/exits to some developments, neighborhoods, and apartment complexes are quite hazardous. Many a cracked oil pan and undercarriage damage.

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  • 10640 Floral Park Dr Austin, TX - Austin

    There's a dead deer at the curb in front of 10640 Floral Park Drive.

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  • 2600 Scofield Farms Austin, TX, USA - Austin

    Both sides of the road around 2600 Scofield have major sink hole/ large dips that damage the vehicles suspension. The crew that attempted to fix this just made the problem worse. PLEASE FIX THIS

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  • 13813 North Mopac Expressway Austin, TX - Austin

    There were 2 separate accidents on the morning of 3/7/13 both involving cars rear-ended while turning right (east) on to Wells Branch Parkway from Burnet Rd/FM 1325.

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  • graffiti Archived
    State Highway 1 Loop Austin, TX 78727, USA - Austin

    at northeast corner of underpass at Scofield Ridge Pkwy and Mopac the wall has been tagged with graffiti in black paint

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  • 11903 Alpheus Austin, TX - Austin


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  • 9629-9697 Arboretum Boulevard Austin, Texas - Austin

    Arboretum Blvd needs to be restriped. The lanes are no longer visible during the day or night. Also, the shoulder is not distinguishable from the street.

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  • 11501 Gault Lane Austin, TX 78758, USA - North Burnett

    Poor service

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  • Mopac And Parmer Lane Austin, Texas - Austin

    Mopac changed from 65 to 75mph over 6 months ago from Parmer Lane northbound. There is 1 sign on 1 sign of the road under the Parmer overpass and no more until the Shoreline tolls. There are 3 (busy) on ramps between Parmer and Shoreline and NO signs showing it's 75 not 65. Very few drivers seem to know it's no longer 65 but 75.

    Every day you see those who know it's 75 trying to get around those going 65. I've seen cars riding right up the you know what of some drivers in the left lane doing 65...people get frustrated by the backup that always happens at the last free exit, then you get stuck again. Someimes you get 3 across all doing 65 and people are trying to get around them and it gets crazy. I've seen far too many near misses from frustrated drivers (not even going to get started on those who can't ready the "keep left unless...." signs). Why increase the speed but not have it sign posted so people know? This is part of a road you pay to use and have the convenience of less traffic, but get held up by those who don't know because no one put signs up?

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  • Research Boulevard Austin, Texas - Austin

    Highway lighting very poor around on-ramp to Hwy. 183 South, between Duval and Balcones Woods. Perhaps lamp is dim, not turned correctly, or another light or two are needed.

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