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  • Expy Dr N Farmingville, NY 11738, USA - Farmingville
    The north service of the LIE has no no street lights/poor lighting along this strip of roadway between Hanrahan Avenue and Waverly Avenue in Holtsville.
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  • 116 Granny Rd Farmingville, NY 11738, USA - Medford
    Potholes too numerous to count are located on Granny Rd., east and west bound, between Rte. 112 and Old Medford Ave. / Bicycle Path.
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  • Long Island Expy Holbrook, NY 11741, USA - Holtsville
    East entrance ramp to LIE South Service Road is unsafe. This roadway has not been paved in years.
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  • 5200-5270 Expy Drive S Holbrook, NY 11741, USA - Holtsville
    Going east on the South Service road, near the area where Exit 62 of the LIE ramp merges with the service road, a deep pothole needs immediate fix. Potential car and\or tire damage possible.
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  • N/B Blue Point Rd And Portion Rd Farmingville, NY 11738, USA - Farmingville
    There used to be three lanes going north on Bluepoint Rd at Portion Rd. One was a left turn lane, one was a straight lane, and one was a right turn. Since the very nice pave job on bluepoint rd we haven't had any pavement markings replaced.This causes severe confusion for those who used to drive the road and know what marking used to be there, and even more confusion for those who do not frequent the road as often. HELP!
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  • Woodmont Place Cross Streeet Horseblock Rd farmingville, NY - Farmingville
    Reported from my mobile device
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  • Pot holes Archived
    Blue Point Road Suffolk County, NY - Farmingville

    Several pot holes exist at the southeast corner of Blue Point Road and Horseblock Road that need repair.

    This intersection is used by several school buses that take children to the local schools and it's just going to get worse until it's repaired

    Thank you.

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  • Deep Pot Hole Archived
    Warren Ave - Holtsville
    Pothole is located on Warren Avenue between Dairy Barn and Sweetbrier Rd. just South of Portion Road. This hole is hard to miss as you don't see it until your right up on it and it can do damage to vehicle.
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  • 463-473 Blue Point Road Farmingville, NY - Farmingville
    The traffic light sensor on the north side of the intersection does not identify a car is waiting to go across the intersection. Several times at 6:15AM, the light would not change for several minutes until a car was waiting on the opposite intersection. This has been observed for over 3 months.
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  • 2270-2304 N Ocean Ave Farmingville, NY 11738, USA - Farmingville
    In south bound turn lane of route 83 coming to expressway there is a curb angled into turn lane. It is right at south side entrance/exit to the hotel or hospice place. You can tell it is in lane because of all the tire marks and rim damage to curb from people not seeing it.
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  • 3 Coed Lane Farmingville, New York - Holtsville
    Streetlight on Coed Lane in Farmgingville has been out for several weeks.
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  • 968 Old Medford Avenue Farmingville, New York - Medford
    There is a large pot hole in the middle of the road since the snow storm in the South lane on Old Medford Ave. The hole is just North of the C-Town Supermarket.
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