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  • Olive & Buena Vista Corona, CA - Corona

    I'd like to know the city's code on parties held in backyards that involve porta potties, microphones, sound systems that blast music for blocks in every direction. Now that it is warmer, every weekend involves having to deal with home parties that would be more suitable in a banquet hall. What is the protocol on this? We are being blasted with professional sound systems for hours on end.

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  • 945 Alta Loma Dr Corona, CA 92882, USA - Corona

    The food vendors pushing stolen grocery carts are once again in the area every late afternoon.

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  • 942 Alta Loma Dr Corona, CA 92882, USA - Corona

    A home that is 1200 sq ft but has 9 cars parked for its residents. 5 in the driveway and 4 on the street. Is there some kind of limit on a home being overcrowded?

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  • Graffiti Archived
    Off The I 15 North Just South Of Limonite Eastvale, CA - US Congressional District CA44

    Very large colorful graffiti, the kind you see on the freeway sound walls in L.A. on a block wall to the left off I 15 just south of Limonite behind homes.

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  • 900 Block Alta Loma Drive Corona, CA 92882, USA - Corona

    Everyday approx 5:30pm a woman pushing a grocery cart filled with ice chests and honking a loud horn is on our street selling food

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  • A question Archived
    1136 Harris St Corona, CA 92882, USA - Corona

    If someone regularly hangs/drapes their laundry out to dry in there front yard(over the shrubbery,hanging from the tree or laid over the fence, is there a code violation for this? or it's just something that is just tolerated by the neighborhood?It happens at least once a week. Address is approximate..

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