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  • Wells Ave Langhorne, PA - Langhorne

    House is in poor condition. Front, side and rear yards are crowded with rusty machinery, debris and sections of old phone poles.

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  • 157 N Bellevue Ave Langhorne, PA - Langhorne

    Abandoned photography studio building is dilapidated and potentially unsafe.

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  • N Pine St & E Maple Ave Langhorne, PA - Langhorne

    Gas station at corner has been abandoned for several years at a key intersection in town. This site could be a potential asset if developed with sensitivity to walkability and the small town character of Langhorne.

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  • S Pine St & Flowers Ave Langhorne, PA - Langhorne

    The pedestrian crossing at S Pine Street and Flowers Ave is striped but due to vehicle speeds and lack of a crossing light traversing this intersection is often dangerous for walkers, joggers, elderly residents and people in wheelchairs. This important intersection connects to the elementary school, library, a church, Woods Services and several residences and could benefit from traffic calming measures and lower vehicle speeds. At 20 mph a pedestrian has a 95% percent chance of surviving; at 40 mph a pedestrian has only a 10% chance of survival (Reference the ITE Residential Streets standards.)

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