GHo Matt

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  • 2400 Market Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - City Center West

    This billboard is an eyesore for anyone looking toward Center City from University City or the Schuylkill bridges. It also looks bad from 76. Clearly this billboard is no longer providing positive brand exposure for the Design Marketplace. If anything, it is reflecting poorly on the company in is dilapidated state. Seems the city should compel the company to either update the sign, or remove it.

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  • 764 South 23rd Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Schuylkill Southwest

    These weeds are getting out of control. The owner of the property should take care of this or implore his tenants to tend to the trash and now weeds that overrun the sidewalk in front of this property. This is the worst I've seen in the surrounding area.

    I may end up pulling these weeds myself because I am tired of looking at them, but feel that I already do enough on my own block (not this block) that this shouldn't be my responsibility. Everyone should pull their weight (and weeds) to keep the neighborhood looking clean. A clean/tidy neighborhood helps promote safety; it is known.

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  • 764. S. 23rd Street Philadelphia, PA - Schuylkill Southwest

    In front of this address (recently renovated into three units) there is a consistent buildup of trash from the bus stop that is located here and from general trash blowing around. Leaves have also accumulated and a dead pigeon has been lying on top of the rest for a few weeks. I think this location ultimately needs a trash can, but in the meantime someone should be accountable for cleaning up so it doesn’t get to this point.

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