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  • 5388 Roberts Drive Dunwoody, GA 30338, USA - Dunwoody

    Bike Lane has been "cut out" for appx. 150 feet and the lane width reduced by nearly 3-feet. Please fill to return to original condition to match the rest of the segment (fill back to curb)

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  • 5506 Roberts Drive Dunwoody, GA 30338, USA - Dunwoody

    Debris in Bike Lane

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  • 1219 Witham Drive Dunwoody, GA 30338, USA - Dunwoody

    Filled pothole in Bike Lane needs refilling / leveling out. Dips down a couple of inches and is a danger to bicyclists.

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  • 1201-1219 Witham Drive Dunwoody, GA 30338, USA - Dunwoody

    Debris in Bike Lane (sand, pine straw, dirt, gravel)

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  • 5573 Roberts Drive Dunwoody, GA 30338, USA - Dunwoody

    Debris in Bike Lane (gravel, pine straw, sand)

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  • 1227-1235 Mount Vernon Road Dunwoody, GA 30338, USA - Dunwoody

    Man made "pothole" in bike lane on eastbound direction on Mt. Vernon. In front of new homes recently built. Is a depression and has been attempted to be filled in where there had been a cut in the asphalt. Most likely cut for assess to Atlanta Gas or water line.

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  • 2401-2433 Jett Ferry Road Dunwoody, GA 30338, USA - Dunwoody

    Illegal signs posted late Friday all along Mt. Vernon

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  • 2126-2172 Mount Vernon Road Dunwoody, GA 30338, USA - Dunwoody

    Overgrown shrubs encroaching on sidewalk.

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  • 1248 Mt. Vernon Road Dunwoody Georgia, Dunwoody, GA - Dunwoody

    This segment of Mt. Vernon was designated & approved by City Council to have Bike Lanes. The signs at each end state "Bike Route.". This signage provides no legal protection of the cyclists for the bike lane. For example, driving in it, parking in it, etc. Instead (& especially since there are no painted bike lane markings, either), the Dunwoody Law Enforcement would be unable to ticket a motor vehicle driver in violating these legal protections of a bike lane. See the proper MUTCD Bike Lane Signage on Roberts Drive for the legal examples. This needs to be fixed at the highest priority, for the safety of bicyclists.

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  • Sign Problem Archived
    1445 Mount Vernon Road Dunwoody, GA 30338, USA - Dunwoody

    Share the Road sign, laying on the ground eastbound Mt. Vernon, appx 150 ft west of the Dwy Baptist Church entrance. On the south side of the road next to the sidewalk. Was taken down over a year ago during road widening. Please find another good location where there is no existing bike lane. Recommend east of Dwy Village on Mt. Vernon.

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  • 1463-1471 Mount Vernon Road Dunwoody, Georgia - Perimeter Traffic Operations Program

    Reported on April 23, 2011 as ticket # 96819, which is Archived & cannot be reopened. See details here: http://www.seeclickfix.com/issues/96819 Reopening.

    Bicyclists when riding eastbound on Mt Vernon crossing after Ashford-Dunwoody, the "extended curb" comes to a point at the end. This is a very dangerous point for bicyclists, as they must immediately do a lane change and merge to the right lane. Painting a "bike lane" marker with bicycle symbols and directions will indicate to drivers to allow bicyclist to merge into the right lane. This is a safety improvement.

    Examples of MUTCD-Approved Designs are posted here:


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  • 1248 Mt. Vernon Road Dunwoody, Georgia - Dunwoody

    The bike lanes do not have markings. Please use thermoplastic markings, or use the same markings that were used on Perimeter Center East last year.

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  • 1802-2130 Dunwoody Club Dr Dunwoody, GA - Dunwoody

    Need pedestrian crossing (preferably with a protected built-up refuge island made of concrete) installed at the intersection of Dunwoody Club Drive & Mt. Vernon Road (North side is the Kroger shopping center. South Side is the UPS Store). Need to be able to safely walk across the intersection north -south. It is very dangerous due to the curve of the lane and limited visibility from motorists, especially driving westbound from the Dunwoody Club Drive and making a right-hand turn onto Dunwoody Club Drive at the light. Can also consider long-term reorienting the turn to more of a right-angle, and forcing vehicles to slow down. Similar (yet smaller in scope) to the Ashford-Dunwoody / Mt. Vernon intersection improvement from circa 2009. (Northbound on Ashford-Dunwoody, turning right (east) onto Mt. Vernon.)

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  • 1457 Mt Vernon Rd Atlanta, GA - Dunwoody

    In the new bike lane on the south side of Mt. Vernon (eastbound direction), there is a pothole a several inches deep and in width (appears as if the top layer of new asphalt has simply "broken away"). It is located approximately 200 - 400 feet west of the Ashford-Dunwoody intersection.

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  • 1248-1302 Mt Vernon Rd Dunwoody, GA - Dunwoody

    In the new bike lanes on Mt. Vernon, there is a good amount of gravel, ground asphalt, debris remaining. Making it unsafe to ride a bicycle in the lane.

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  • 48 Perimeter Center E Atlanta, GA - PCID

    Lots of leaves in the bike lane on the north-bound side of Perimeter Center East.

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  • 1384 Dunwoody Village Pkwy Dunwoody, GA - Dunwoody

    Drain grates are parallel to the direction of travel and will cause bicycles tires to get stuck and cause accidents. The drain grate runs along the majority of the curb cut. Request the drain grates be replaced with perpendicular grates or another design. I understand that the Parkway will be reconstructed, but that is not scheduled to begin until July 5, 2013 and be complete sometime in mid-2014. Between now & July 2013, perhaps some reasonably priced safety enhancements can be retrofitted. We now have a weekly organized bike ride coming in & out of that parking lot. Also, the monthly community bike ride will alternate from this location as well. With the community bike ride, there will be many younger children and less experienced riders, less aware of watching for these hazards.

    Location: On the north side of Dunwoody Village Parkway, at the central curb cut entrance to El Azteca, Village Burger, Divine Events, Curves, etc.

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  • 2324-2338 Mt Vernon Rd Dunwoody, GA - Dunwoody

    Need to edge & cut back the grass on the sidewalk on Mt Vernon where it goes underneath the GA Power lines. It is reducing the useable with by several inches. See attached photo.

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  • 1898-1936 Peeler Rd Dunwoody, GA - Dunwoody

    There is considerable sand, gravel, pine needles, sticks, etc. in the bike lane / paved shoulder along Peeler Rd east of Chamblee-Dunwoody. The majority is on the north side of the road as you travel westbound climbing up from Olde Village Lane. The south side also has debris.

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  • 5477 Roberts Dr Dunwoody, GA - Dunwoody

    There is considerable dirt, sand, gravel on the bike lane on Roberts Drive. The most is on the west side - along almost the entire stretch of road, but centered where the road goes uphill for several hundred feet before & after the Power Lines (traveling southbound). There is also debris on the east side, although not as much.

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