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What's a SideClick

SeeClickFix is seeking local volunteers to serve as SeeClickFix Ambassadors in their local community. We want to focus intensely on a few select towns and make positive change. There is a lot we can learn from each other and by focusing closely on a smaller set of towns we can spread the word, get feedback and make changes as necessary. As we demonstrate the power of citizens working together, we will expand our efforts to other locales.

Your Role

Spread the Word. Make sure everyone in your city/town knows about SeeClickFix and how/when to use it. Put up posters, tell friends, email, form a meetup or talk to the press. It's up to you. And we'll help.

  • See and Click - Use the website to report local issues. Get the ball rolling so that others see how easy, fun and important it is to do.
  • Contact the Fixers - Make sure the local authorities are getting our emails. If you want, you can meet with them and explain what we're doing to help them improve your town.
  • Send Feedback - Let us know about your experience as an ambassador and as a website user. We will listen and do our best to help.
  • You're in Charge - At most we'll only have a handful of ambassadors in your town. So, you'll really be in charge of the whole area. We're counting on you. What's in It For You
  • Make Your Mark - When we grow and become more well known, you'll always know that you were a part of it. You helped make it all possible.
  • Help Your Community - You'll be doing something constructive to improve your community. And your town will be part of an exclusive club of early adopters.
  • Be In the Know - Ever wanted to be in on the ground floor of a big movement and know all about it before other people. Here is your chance.
  • Meet People - Doing this work will put you in touch with like-minded folks in your town and around the world. Can't wait to meet you.
  • Have Fun - It's fun to make a positive difference.
  • Feel Supported - We're here to help you through the process every step of the way. We even have material to get you started. Questions? please Contact Us.
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