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  • 228 Orchard St New Haven, CT 06511 - West River

    This building is a landmark historical treasure and needs to be preserved.

    Please add your comments, stories about the Shul, and reasons why you feel that it is significant on the comments here.

    Please forward the issue to individuals you know who are interested.

    The more people who "vote" to have this fixed, the more likely this building can be restored to its former glory as a community space for all -- instead of an abandoned building.

    Excellent photographs of the Shul may be found here:


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  • 55 Derby Ave. New Haven, CT 06511 - West River

    Today between 5 and 8 pm there was at least one squad car sitting in the parking lot across the street from my house. During that time frame somewhere half a dozen and a dozen cars/ bikers/ kids on motorbikes sped past them one Winthrop Ave. The speeders were noticed by the cops who would hit the siren every time, but the cops did nothing. No one was followed, no one was stopped, they just sat there and kept hitting that siren every 10 or 20 mins. Not only are people driving dangerously, but this was really frustrating to observe! This lack of action gave the impression that those officers are lazy or unconcerned - either way that's unacceptable considering we pay their salaries with our taxes. As if this wasn't upsetting enough - the constant blaring of their siren ruined an otherwise beautiful spring evening. Did anyone else hear/ notice this?

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  • 201 Derby Avenue West Haven, Connecticut - Westville

    There is supposed to be PUBLIC ACCESS along the West River between Derby Avenue and Chapel Street. Yale and/or the CT Tennis Foundation has locked the gates on Chapel Street and Derby Avenue and illegally restricted access.

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  • 268 Winthrop Ave New Haven, CT - West River

    This house is really deteriorating. The roof needs to be replaced,needs painting, the tenants have trashed all the railings on the front porch. Litter is and garbage is allowed to accumulate in the front of the property. It is becoming a real eyesore.

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  • 1123 Ella T Grasso Boulevard New Haven, Connecticut - West River

    The pedestrian signal to cross 6-lane Ella Grasso Boulevard at this location is 20 seconds, which is more than 4 feet of crossing distance per second. The standard for areas in which children and seniors are present is 3 or maximum 3.5 feet per second of crossing time. This intersection is directly adjacent to Barnard School and is an important access point for West River Memorial Park. The ped signal should be timed to at least 25-30 seconds.

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  • 200 Orchard Street New Haven, Connecticut - West River

    Even after the campaign was warned again about the $250 fine yesterday they but up 3 more signs on the corner of Orchard and Frontage Rd. All the other signs have not been removed yet. PW needs to start fining.

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  • 200-238 Derby Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - West River

    There is a large fallen tree blocking the flow of the West River just below Derby Avenue. It is collecting a huge amount of trash, and also blocks canoe access in this area.

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  • Porter St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - West River

    dogs left out side all year round with no shelter in little tiny pens one is so small the poor dog can bearly turn around please save these dogs they dont deserve to be out in the rain snow and heat with no dog house or roof to hide in or under

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  • 542-550 George St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - West River

    The sidewalks in front of 542/544/550 George St and alongside 542 George and Day St are in poor condition, with tree roots sticking up creating an uneven and potentially dangerous situation. There are holes that are a tripping hazard as well. The sidewalks on the neighboring three corners are in good/excellent condition, but this corner looks very out of place. These sidewalks need replaced and repaired.

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  • Ella Grasso Blvd New Haven, CT - West River

    I have live in my home for over TEN years now and i have been complaining abut the sidewalk needing to be repaved because of the city trees and their roots uplifting the concrete and it has been ignored.... I know its time for election let see what changes come from this is a long time coming all the street in our neighbor hood have been redone but ours is a big problem. If someone falls on my property I will ask them to take it up with your MAYOR and the city, it's not my problem to fix its the cities

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  • 1013-1041 Ella T Grasso Blvd New Haven, CT 06519, USA - West River

    I bicycle pretty much anywhere, but I have to admit that I feel pretty shook up whenever I ride on Boulevard. Paving a trail in West River Memorial Park alongside the road, combined with crosswalk improvements, would both make Boulevard a complete street and add significantly to New Haven’s greenway trail network.

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  • 62-120 Day St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - West River

    Last summer and this past winter, several "light the night" installations were made, increasing light on George St and Day St. The trees alongside the property on the corner of George and Day are blocking this light and keeping the sidewalk and property in the dark. There has been a recent string of incidents, including vandalism and theft and more lights are being installed. If the trees block the light, then their light goes to waste. Also, old branches are falling into the sidewalk during inclement weather and large branches are intertwining with the wires. These trees need to be trimmed to allow light to pass, and prevent a branch from falling or taking down a powerline.

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