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  • 3053 3099 Martin Luther King Jr Way Berkeley, CA 94703, USA - South Berkeley

    There is a lot of construction around the Ashby BART stop but nothing has been done about the ridiculous amount of litter that just keeps piling up around the perimeter. It's disgraceful.

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  • King St And Ashby Ave Berkeley, CA - South Berkeley

    When Caltrans repaved the intersection at Ashby and King St in South Berkeley (very nice, thank you) they neglected to repaint one of the yellow crosswalk lines at the south side of this intersection, and the traffic signal loop detector bicycle stencils which were half covered up by the paving work.

    Regardless of who ends up performing this work please make sure Caltrans is charged for it, since they should have taken care of it initially after completing their paving work.

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  • Alcatraz Ave And King St Berkeley, CA - South Berkeley

    The intersection of Alcatraz Ave and King St in south Berkeley has a 2-way stop for traffic on King St, but no stop for traffic on Alcatraz going east or west. Alcatraz is a car arterial but King St is a highly trafficked bike boulevard and pedestrian corridor.

    Even with the existing flashing beacons on the crosswalk pedestrians still find it very difficult to cross Alcatraz here because drivers just don't yield, and with the poor sightlines due to all the curbside parking and the fast vehicle speeds on Alcatraz, cyclists on King St also find it very difficult and dangerous to cross here, even after stopping and yielding to cross traffic.

    I think the solution to this problem would be to either turn the 2-way stop into a 4-way stop at this intersection, or install a traffic signal that is timed to coordinate with the one at Alcatraz and Adeline. During the busiest hours Alcatraz traffic backs up all the way past King St, but motorists continue to block the intersection and fail to let cross traffic through. As such, a stop sign or traffic signal here would allow the bike boulevard traffic to make it past Alcatraz usually without even impacting the vehicles on that street at all.

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  • 2346 Stuart St Berkeley, CA 94705, USA - South Berkeley

    Karim's bike shop is a fire hazard and can in no way pass fire safety inspection. In addition, there are numerous accounts of people finding their stolen bikes there and seeing the owner deal with bike thiefs. How is this commercial establishment allowed to stay on business?

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  • 1700 Ashby Avenue Berkeley, CA 94703, USA - South Berkeley

    Caltrans did a great job paving Ashby Ave and then repainting the crosswalks at the intersection with King St. However, the loop detector bicycle stencils on the south side of the intersection were half paved over but not repainted. Please send Caltrans back to this intersection to complete the job correctly.

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  • 1901 Fairview Street Berkeley, California - South Berkeley

    The street light near the Berkeley Housing Authority office on Fairview between Adeline and Dover (north side, I believe) is not lit.

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  • 1617 63rd St Berkeley, CA 94703, USA - South Berkeley


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  • Graffiti Closed
    3198 Adeline St Berkeley, California - South Berkeley
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  • Russell And Otis Berkeley, CA - South Berkeley

    The concrete planter in the middle of eastbound Russell St as it crosses Otis St was moved by the construction crew working on the new South Branch Library in order to get some large vehicles through, and the "No Outlet" sign and pole was removed from the middle of the planter at that time. It looks as though the planter has been moved again, but is not in its original location, and the sign and pole have now gone missing.

    The missing sign means more car drivers are heading down this street thinking that it connects to Adeline, but in several cases I have seen truck os SUV drivers go right over the metal staple in the middle of the street at Milvia, and at least one small car driver go over it and get stuck.

    Please replace the "No Outlet" sign and planter in its original location, and PLEASE make the contractors/construction crew pay for it, not the city!

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  • 1701 1799 Prince St Berkeley, CA 94703, USA - South Berkeley

    There is at least one broken water sprinkler for the grass outside of Malcolm X Elementary School which just spews an ungodly amount of water into the street.

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  • 3075 Adeline Berkeley, CA - South Berkeley

    One of the bolts attaching the yellow truncated dome 'mat' to the sidewalk at the entrance to the east BART parking lot is gone. The mat has become a tripping hazard

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  • potholes Archived
    2510 Telegraph Ave Berkeley, CA 94704 - South Berkeley

    stretch of potholes where Dwight forks off to the right at Telegraph

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