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  • 4525 Se 108th Place Portland, OR - Lents

    road needs fixed during winter cars get stuck and weather causes mud holes and puddles and during summer dust spreads everywhere onto cars and inside houses
    heres a link to google maps to look at street

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  • 39 Th Se Crest Ct Portland, OR - Center

    @#$% covering toilet paper roll, toilet seat an mirror today. In the past there has been toilet paper soaked with urine, floors saturated with urine and fecal matter on mirror at one point. I was assaulted by a homeless man in this bathroom once. Luckily I had pepper spray and was able to avoid becoming a statistic

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  • Sw Kelly Ave. SW Hood Ave., SW Lane St., SW Gaines St., SW Curry St., SW Whitaker St., SW Gibbs St., Portland, OR 97239 - Corbett-Terwilliger-Lair Hill

    Area resident tired of South Waterfront, OHSU, Mirabella, and their employees destroying our livability by burdening this small area with all the cars and commuters the city of Portland supports by refusing to enforce it's own city ordinances described as> Commuters from other areas are using spaces that should be utilized by area residents, employees and visitors. Commuter parking is defined as: vehicles driven from another area and parked in the affected area; the drivers then leave the area to conduct business elsewhere. The competition for parking spaces is currently being won by commuters from outside the area because they are leaving their vehicles for the entire day, thereby eliminating those spaces for the area residents and businesses.

    A easy solution for the city of portland would be to annex these streets into the zone F area parking permit program.

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  • 8004 Sw Capitol Hill Rd Portland, OR - Maplewood-Ashcreek

    Over the last several months, a sinkhole has developed. The city has come out on 4 different occasions and tosses asphalt over it to fill it in. But it keeps coming back. They have marked the utilities out on the street numerous times as if they are going to fix it. On at least one occasion, a car has driven into the ditch. It has gotten worse than just a pot hole and there is plenty of traffic on this street, they need to find out what it looks like under the roadway.

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  • Eastbank Esplanade Portland, OR 97214, USA - Lloyd

    A rubber fitting is needed to prevent further crashes at this site. The floating ramp joints are comparable to small curbs and are a detriment to the usefulness of the Eastbank Esplanade for commuting.

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  • Terwilliger And Taylor'S Ferry Portland, OR 97212, USA - Far Southwest

    I have watched bicyclists nearly get killed many times by trucks at this intersection. There is a left turn green arrow from Taylor's Ferry onto northbound Terwilliger. At the same time, there is a special right turn light/lane coming from the opposite direction. Lots of out-of-town delivery trucks blow through the light, and since it's uphill, they are gunning it. My biking partner nearly got wiped off of the planet this morning. Several other bicyclists have been injured at this intersection.

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  • Blind spot Archived
    3901-4199 Ne Senate St Portland, OR 97213, USA - Center

    Cars need to have a stop sign or a speed bump to slow down traffic. Pedestrians coming around the corner can't see the cars and visa versa. The cars drive too fast too close to the curb here.

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  • 8485 8631 N Vancouver Ave Portland, OR 97217, USA - Bridgeton

    I commute from Vancouver to east Portland by bicycle. Since the Vancouver Ave bridge has been out I have been unable to find a safe route to work. When the Vancouver Ave bridge was closed but still usable, this was not an issue, but now that the bridge is completely out, I am forced to try to bicycle across the Columbia Slough on MLK (HWY 99E), which is three lanes in each direction with no shoulder and no sidewalk and cars traveling at 55 mph. When I tried following the auto detour on Columbia Boulevard, I hit a storm drain that was about 2 inches lower than the roadway and almost went down right in front of the right front tire of a big rig that was passing by at that moment. How am I supposed to get to work without risking my life? I don’t have a car or even a license and the number 8 bus only goes halfway across the industrial area.

    Please close a lane on MLK and use Jersey barriers to create a bicycle and pedestrian construction detour.


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  • Southwest Zoo Road & U.S. 26 Portland, OR - Forest Park

    There is a crosswalk where the popular 4T Trail crosses the highway offramp here. There are ADA ramps on either side of the crosswalk, but somebody forgot to paint the crosswalk stripes! This is a pretty major problem because drivers coming off of the highway have no indication to expect people to be crossing here. Lots of people use this trail and cross here daily.

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  • Ne Corner Of Ne Tillamook And Vancouver Avenue Portland, OR - Eliot

    There is a fenced lot on the corner with large, overgrown branches sticking out of teh fence and obstructing the sidewalk AND view of oncoming south-bound traffic. West-bound vehicles are forced to move forward INTO Vancouver Avenue to see past the overgrowth. Very dangerous!

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  • 7330 N St Louis Ave Portland, OR 97203, USA - Cathedral Park

    Pavement is extremely rough in the lane directly in front of the 7-11, such that I have to completely go around this intersection to avoid destroying the oil pan in my VW.

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  • N Ivanhoe St Portland, OR - Cathedral Park

    Right turn without stopping permitted onto Ivanhoe from Richmond, yet traffic from Richmond turning left onto Ivanhoe DO NOT yield to oncoming traffic. Numerous times have I almost been in an accident in this intersection.

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