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  • 300-362 N Smith Ave Corona, CA - Corona

    Baseball fields keep being victims of vandelism, copper wriing thefts, snack bar and storage bin break ins, car break ins, etc

    Fields are too dark at night, need some kind of regular lighting to protect the fields so that the kids dont suffer and keep having to cancel their games.

    Protect and Serve our Youth Sports Programs!!!

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  • 300-398 East 9th Street Corona, California - Corona

    unusual activity at Victoria Park at night. guys hanging out in the bathroom with 1 standing outside to keep watch. go cart/dune buggy driving thru park numerous times and around the block. seems to be a lot of unwanted happenings going on in this general vicinity, allies included. guy on a moped circling the neighborhood. just too much stuff. need more patrol cars during the day in the allies and at night in the neighborhood. signed, frustrated home owner

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  • 325 South Main Street Corona, CA - Corona

    See picture. Light pole was knocked down a few weeks ago. Will it be replaced or will it look like this permanently?

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  • Graffiti Archived
    Corona CA 92882, USA - Corona

    There is a lot of new graffiti on the wall behind my house in the drainage channel. The drainage channel is between Fairmont Dr and Turquoise Dr. The graffiti is on the walls of the houses that are on Turquoise Dr. This form allows me to only upload 1 picture, however I have another picture to share. Email me if you have any questions. Thank You!

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  • 2100 Tehachapi Dr corona, ca - Corona

    The outlet on the east side of the covered patio area has been damaged. The cover has been forced off. Some teens mentioned getting drunk at night.

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  • 808 S Main St Corona, CA 92882, USA - Corona

    Content blocked by rejections

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  • 1293 Florence Corona, CA - Corona


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  • 2378 Patriot Way Corona, CA 92882, USA - Corona

    This house has an old broken down blue mustang that they keep parked on the street. They used to have a different car but got cited so they parked that car in the driveway and now have a different car in the street. This thing has cobwebs all over it .

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  • 973 Auburndale Street Corona, CA 92880, USA - Corona

    Speed bumps are very difficult to see at night. They are in need of new paint and repair

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  • 993 Blossom Hill Drive Corona, CA 92880, USA - Corona

    House abandoned. Junk left everywhere and overgrown grass and fence left open or broken into. Potential hazard and illegal activity!!

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  • 226 East Olive Street Corona, CA 92879, USA - Corona

    Pit bulls have gotten out twice in a matter of weeks. Violent dogs that got into a fight with another dog. Scared they'll attack my son if they get out again.

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  • unsafe street Archived
    812-838 E Chase Dr Corona, CA 92881, USA - Corona

    I live and walk on this section of chase street everyday that is unimproved but surrounded by development. I also live close by and drive in my car everyday there too. There are always walkers, runners, bicyclists, kids going to santiago high, people walking to santana park. Since there are NO sidewalks on either side of the street it is very, very dangerous. The sun sets and rises directly at the end of the street making it difficult to see people walking, riding and biking in the street. Eugene Montanez has a beautiful photo of the sun setting right here. If the city could make a curb or barrier to keep cars from hitting pedestrians that would be so wonderful. I would feel terrible when someone gets hit or killed on this part of the street. Something needs to be done to prevent an injury or death that inevitably will happen if not addressed.

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