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  • 10301 Monroe Rd Matthews, NC 28105, USA - Matthews

    I am mobility challenged and use an electric wheelchair and CATS bus. My bus stop is in front of the Legacy Apts at Gander Cove Lane and Monroe Rd. in Matthews/Charlotte. There is no crosswalk or light for pedestrians and I have to wait until a car comes out of the apartments and trips the light before I can cross the road, and then the light is not long enough for me to safely finish crossing the street. Also there is not a sidewalk on the other side of the street from this intersection to just before Galleria Dr. I have to cross the street at Gander Cove and then cross the street again at Galleria, 1 block later. I have had several very close calls and am afraid of my safety when crossing this very busy road on a daily basis.

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  • huge pot hole Archived
    Pineville Matthews Road - Hembstead

    There is a huge pot hole on Highway 51 in front of Providence High School. It is near the border of Matthews and Charlotte line. It is in the right hand lane heading towards Matthews. It is nearly a sinkhole. Someone is going to blow a tire or break an axle in that hole.

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  • 2501-2725 Pleasant Plains Rd Matthews, NC 28105, USA - Matthews

    3 or 4 of the street lights placed on Pleasant Plains Rd. Are either burned out or are not working. This is a busy narrow road and there have been several deer related incidents. This is a disaster waiting to happen espically with all the neighborhoods.

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  • 113-199 State Road 1009 Matthews, NC 28105, USA - Matthews

    In the middle of downtown Matthews, NC are 3 speed bumps within 50 yards of each other. The speed bumps are too steep (Ramp angle), too tall, and right after the breakover the ramp the center of the speed bump is lower. This causes my car to bounce violently as the suspension compresses on the ramp but as it breaks over the ramp the bottom falls out. Trailer tongues have drug on the bumps as well. My question is do these speed bumps meet any of our DOT regulations as to their design and build and the frequency of them. In downtown Matthews there is a rough railroad track as well to add to the bouncing. Take a news truck, obey the speed limit see how rough and unsettling it is to traverse.

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  • 2550-2594 Connemara Dr Matthews, NC 28105, USA - Matthews

    Street light out at corner of Hackamore Dr. and Connemara Dr.

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  • 1300 Pleasant Plains Rd Matthews, NC 28105, USA - Matthews

    the light at the intersection of Weddington/Pleasant Plains Rd./Trade Street is way to short for traffic on Pleasant Plains Rd. Traffic gets backed up past Brightmoor During Rush hour.

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  • 2401 Keziah Rd. matthews, NC - Marshbrooke

    We are supposed to get $400 a month in child support. The state releases only $50 a month to us and holds $350 every month for the past 3 years. When we call the state they keep us on hold for over an hour and tell us the case is being reviewed. Reviewed for 3 years? When we ask for a supervisor they tell us one will call in 24 to 48 hours and we never get a call. On one call we were asked, "why do you need it now?" That is $12,600 we are owed in back pay. This is not a hand out we are asking for. It is money payed in and the state is keeping it from us. Please help us.

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  • Nc 51 & Idlewild Rd Matthews/Mint Hill, NC - Marshbrooke

    The light pattern was recently changed at the intersection of NC 51 (Matthews mint hill rd.) & Idlewild Rd. which causes major back ups for those coming out of the Mint Hill area toward Matthews in the morning! There seems to be no reason for this as the traffic is not backed up in either direction on Idlewild?

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  • 101 111 W John St Matthews, NC 28105, USA - Matthews

    The raise speed bumps are attrocious. They are not only too high, they are very poorly shaped. It is impossible for my car to cross them with out dragging the exhaust. They need to be reshaped and lowered 3 to 6 inches.

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  • 2769-2871 Weddington Rd Matthews, NC 28105, USA - Matthews

    They are all over the road right here. Thought I popped a tire the other day.

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  • 1016 Country Pl Dr Matthews, NC 28105, USA - Matthews

    At the intersection of Country Place Drive and Arborlea Court a street light has been out for two weeks!

    - homeowner John Sharp

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  • 1848-1998 Mckee Rd Matthews, NC 28105, USA - Matthews

    I have encountered and almost hit deer at this location. They cross right under the Duke Power Trasmission lines into an open field since this is the only area not developed. I would like Deer Crossing signs put in to warn drivers that may be speeding or not expecting them to be there.

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