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  • 10301 Monroe Rd Matthews, NC 28105, USA - Matthews

    I am mobility challenged and use an electric wheelchair and CATS bus. My bus stop is in front of the Legacy Apts at Gander Cove Lane and Monroe Rd. in Matthews/Charlotte. There is no crosswalk or light for pedestrians and I have to wait until a car comes out of the apartments and trips the light before I can cross the road, and then the light is not long enough for me to safely finish crossing the street. Also there is not a sidewalk on the other side of the street from this intersection to just before Galleria Dr. I have to cross the street at Gander Cove and then cross the street again at Galleria, 1 block later. I have had several very close calls and am afraid of my safety when crossing this very busy road on a daily basis.

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  • huge pot hole Archived
    Pineville Matthews Road - Hembstead

    There is a huge pot hole on Highway 51 in front of Providence High School. It is near the border of Matthews and Charlotte line. It is in the right hand lane heading towards Matthews. It is nearly a sinkhole. Someone is going to blow a tire or break an axle in that hole.

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  • 2501-2725 Pleasant Plains Rd Matthews, NC 28105, USA - Matthews

    3 or 4 of the street lights placed on Pleasant Plains Rd. Are either burned out or are not working. This is a busy narrow road and there have been several deer related incidents. This is a disaster waiting to happen espically with all the neighborhoods.

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  • 1300 Pleasant Plains Rd Matthews, NC 28105, USA - Matthews

    the light at the intersection of Weddington/Pleasant Plains Rd./Trade Street is way to short for traffic on Pleasant Plains Rd. Traffic gets backed up past Brightmoor During Rush hour.

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  • 113-199 State Road 1009 Matthews, NC 28105, USA - Matthews

    In the middle of downtown Matthews, NC are 3 speed bumps within 50 yards of each other. The speed bumps are too steep (Ramp angle), too tall, and right after the breakover the ramp the center of the speed bump is lower. This causes my car to bounce violently as the suspension compresses on the ramp but as it breaks over the ramp the bottom falls out. Trailer tongues have drug on the bumps as well. My question is do these speed bumps meet any of our DOT regulations as to their design and build and the frequency of them. In downtown Matthews there is a rough railroad track as well to add to the bouncing. Take a news truck, obey the speed limit see how rough and unsettling it is to traverse.

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  • 2550-2594 Connemara Dr Matthews, NC 28105, USA - Matthews

    Street light out at corner of Hackamore Dr. and Connemara Dr.

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  • 412-678 Weddington Road Matthews, NC 28105, USA - Matthews

    Between 7:10 - 7:15 am each school day, two different CMS buses bypass traffic that is waiting in the left turn lane of Weddington Rd to turn left onto S. Trade St in Matthews. These buses travel in the right turn lane, speed past stopped traffic that is waiting in the left turn lane, only to cut in front of cars if drivers leave a gap or worse, I have witnessed buses go all the way to the intersection and make a left turn from the right turn lane! I have witnessed near collisions and I have called the CMS Transportation Office three times and nothing has changed. Why can't these buses wait in traffic just like everyone else?

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  • 1326-1498 Matthews-Mint Hill Rd Matthews, NC 28105, USA - East Forest

    If your turning from Matthews-Mint Hill Rd. onto Independence Blvd. you will wait for a ridiculous amount of time. I'm not sure who is in charge of setting the timers for traffic lights in Matthews but they should keep traffic flow in mind when doing so.

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  • 9395-9599 Andrew Jackson Hwy Matthews, NC 28105, USA - Marshbrooke

    Driving west on Independence Blvd. there is a curb style median to prevent sudden lane changes to the left turn lane to get to some businesses, however it is not marked at all. If you are not familiar with this you can easily run up or over it. The problem seems the worst in the evening rush hour. My husband and I were nearly hit by another car on 1/14 about 6:15pm due to this issue. I'm sure there was some damage to the drivers undercarriage. While I'm grateful that we are aware of this and take due precaution, others traveling through or new to our city should be aware.

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  • 1516 Pleasant Plains Rd Matthews, NC 28105, USA - Matthews

    Deep pothole on edge of road heading out of Matthews

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  • 215 N Ames St Matthews, NC 28105, USA - East Forest

    This railroad crossing has been worked on twice in the last 5 years with CSX making it worse each time. The grade is too high for the street and should be properly repaired. There are numerous vehicles being damaged due to this being improperly graded and repaired each time.

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  • 9601-9765 Andrew Jackson Hwy Matthews, NC 28105, USA - Matthews

    In the right turn lane from 74 onto Sam Newell. This hole/dip has been here for several months.

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