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  • Giant Pothole Archived
    601-607 Main St Middlefield, CT 06455, USA - Middlefield
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  • 481 Main St. Middlefield CT 06455, USA - Middlefield

    The stop sign on Main Street - Middlefield across from C&M Liquor Store - People dont stop - its right smack dab in the middle of Main St. and people either roll through it or fly through it. Unbelieveable!!

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  • Long Hill Rd Middlefield, CT 06455, USA - Middlefield

    I always cringe when making a left turn when turning to northbound 147 and another car is making the same turn from the other direction. There is no yield sign and it is not clear who has the right of way. I think that the LEFT turn vehicle actually has the right of way, but even if this is right, I don't know if the OTHER driver knows that. No accidents yet, but I think it's just a matter of time. One of these turns needs a YIELD sign.

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  • 423-499 State Highway 159 Middlefield, CT 06455, USA - Middlefield

    Work trucks flying down Cherry Hill Road near Strickland Farm at 60+ MPH heading to the industrial park

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  • Mattabeseck Rd Middlefield, CT - Middlefield

    excessive loud stereo-starts usually 9pm of later continues at times to 2 a.m. or later

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  • Mattabeseck Road Exn Middlefield, CT 06455, USA - Middlefield

    Usually underwater, this wreck is visible today. When will it be removed?

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  • 551 Main Street Middlefield CT 06455, USA - Middlefield

    Federal handicap violations exist not only at Peckham Park but at Lake Bececk and the Ice Skating Pond.
    It is virtually impossiable for a handicap person to observe an activity ,participate in an activity,or even park a vehicle as entitled by Fedefal Law at any of these facilitys

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  • 1-99 Red Orange Rd Middletown, CT 06457, USA - Middlefield

    People do not keep their dogs on a leash. To the jerk with his young family and German Shepard - hope you have a good insurance because when that monster finally attacks someone - you will not only ruin the life of the victim, but also traumatize your young children - THINK IDOT!!!

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  • Laurel Brook Rd. Middlefield, CT - Middlefield

    Many roads in Middlefield need repair, i.e. potholes.

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  • pothole Open
    1061 New Britain Ave west hartford, CT - Middlefield

    outside lane going up towards cvs

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  • 488 Main St Middlefield, CT - Middlefield

    Green house across from dance studio. Very neat brush pile been there since Oct. storm. Did these people @#$% somebody on the town crew off. They are the only ones who's brush wasn't picked up.

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