Branford Public Works

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The Public Works Department provides the Town with professional and technical services which are necessary to operate and service the community. The Department administers all programs related to the transportation infra-structure and associated public open spaces. Over one hundred miles of roadway are maintained as well as all associated drainage facilities and right of way improvements. The Department also manages the Town’s sidewalk replacement program as well as tree maintenance and plan

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  • North Main And West Main Branford Ct - Branford

    hundreds of families are kept up all night when the Amtrak locomotives blow their extremely loud horns between 11 30 pm and 5 am

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  • 723-769 Connecticut 146 Branford, CT 06405, USA - Branford Center

    The intersection of Cedar St. and Main St. needs a stop sign or traffic light. Traffic gets very backed up as people wait to turn left from Cedar to Main. I've seen many near-accidents as people try to zoom through in the brief pauses between cars.

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  • Maple St. @ Train Station Lot - Branford Center

    When leaving the train station, there is no crosswalk or light to cross the street. This forces anyone walking to the train station to run through traffic.

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  • Godsell Point Rd Branford Ct - Branford Center

    The State Boat Launch in Branford,Ct This boat launch needs repairs before someone gets hurt or killed. The road that leads down to the launch has pot holes as well as the parking lot. The pier that is there is falling apart. The ramp that leads into the water has a deep dropoff (hole)Something has to be done ASAP


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  • Branford Point - Harbor Street Branford, ct - Branford Center

    Apparently there is an issue with petty people in the Parks Department who don't want to do their job of emptyiong the trash cans at Branford Point, so the Town Fathers decided to take them out!


    Put back the trash cans at Branford Point and do your job and empty them!

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  • 1-61 Silver Street Branford, CT - Branford Center

    Help! My due date was yesterday and I can't get anyone to plow our road! I'm afraid my minor and inconsistent contractions are going to turn more serious before too long. At this point I'm going to have to call 911 if I progress before the road gets plowed. Help!

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  • 38-40 Indian Neck Avenue Branford, Connecticut - Branford

    I appreciate our garbage truck guys and value how hard they work in all sorts of weather; but there must be technology available that can quiet brakes on the trucks to keep them from screaming into the night every 80-feet.

    The constant noise is ruinous for the worker's hearing, and my SLEEP!!

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  • Brushy Plains Rd branford, CT - Branford

    speeding on brushy plains rd. between hemlock and austin ryer lane. veteran's memorial park and mtm school in area. kids and parents have to play chicken just to cross the street from condo complex to park..need speed bumps, stop signs, crosswalks

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  • Rock Pasture Rd Branford Center, CT - Branford Center

    There is a major coyote problem coming from the top of Rock Pasture Rd. We have seen at least 3 of them in our back yard. They do not scare off at all, no matter what we do. Lots of children dogs, cats, etc. In the area. Please help.

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  • 21 Court Street Branford, Connecticut - Branford

    Quality of Life Issue - The noise, music, and foul language coming from this house is out of control... the noise level could go from every day to every couple of days, never allowing us in this part of Short Beach, to get even one full week of peace and quiet for the night. We never get a brake from the noise, day in and day out.

    Now that it is summer, we in our neighborhood should not be subjected to have to keep our windows closed just to be able to watch TV, to sleep or to protect young ones ears from the vulgar language heard outside. And the embarrassment when visitors come over, they are like "you have to hear that all of the time?". In such a tiny neighborhood where our homes are on top of each other, this terrible neighbor's activities effect many. I am surprised the police have not been arresting and fining people. They have been at that house more than enough times over the years and yet the noise still continues on.

    The extreme lack of sleep due to the noise during the night is so severe now that it is enough to consider moving.

    Please someone take notice and do something about this.

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  • Potholes Archived
    Hosley Ave. Branford, CT - Branford

    Most of the road is all potholes.

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  • Main St/Indian Neck Branford, CT - Branford

    Spring is here! And we all want to enjoy it. And we all want to be able to sleep at night. Last night I listened to no less then ten motorcycles (not all together) ripping through the streets past 10 pm into midnight.

    Maybe the police could start enforcing the noise ordinance?

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