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  • 6299 Flemings Lake Rd Village of Clarkston, MI 48346, USA - Oakland County
    The left turn lane from westbound Clarkston Road onto Flemings Lake is dangerously long during the morning high school rush. Drivers are forced to make turns after the light has changed due to no left turn arrow. The traffic causes backups on Clarkston Road and unsafe conditions on a main through-way in the community. There have been several complaints this year.
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  • 450 Conklin lake orion, MI - Oakland County
    RLH landscaping is operating a business from this residential address. There are typically 5-6 trucks, 2-3 trailers and various other lanscaping equipment. This residence has parking for maybe 3 vehicles so all the trucks, trailers and equipment spill over to the road and common areas. The workers report to work there and leave their vehicles while they pick up a work vehicle. The garage is used as a repair shop for all of the vehicles and equipment. This brings down property values as well as making it impossible for someone to sell there home in the area. To date the township has not been able to enforce there zoning ordinace with respect to comercial vehicles in a residental area or business operations.
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  • 2025-2151 U.S. 24 Business Waterford, MI 48328, USA - Waterford
    for year's now the traffic light at Dixie Hwy and Kennett in the left turn lane going up kennett, needs to be BLINKING RED to allow traffic to turn when there is NO on coming traffic,.there must be a way to make this happen, We are wasting gas,time and that in turn is money. Please see if this can be corrected,I know i am not the only person who for YEARS now has sat and waited on this light and being first in line can seem like a long time when traffic is backed up.
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  • 1440-1530 Joslyn Ave Pontiac, MI 48340, USA - Pontiac
    Joslyn Rd. is in dire need of major repairs between Walton Blvd & Collier Rd. For years all the city would do is fill in the craters with a shovel full of asphalt. The first rain or snow would cause the asphalt to open back up again.
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  • 361-399 W Walton Blvd Pontiac, MI 48340, USA - Pontiac
    The eastbound Walton lane markings at Telegraph are worn out, resulting in vehicles splitting lanes and could result in someone in the left lane being forced into oncoming traffic on the other side of the intersection. Vehicles out of their lane is a constant issue here and the situation is dangerous.
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  • Baldwin Pontiac, MI 48340, USA - Pontiac
    The prostitutes working on baldwin in a van by Sav-A-Lot and Chase Bank need to be stopped. The taller blond younger girl goes by Tonya and she "works" with her mother, name unknown. They have been working in Pontiac for years and I am sure the Police should know about them. They are known Heroine and Crack users, both mother and daughter. Lets get rid of this problem. They use to walk on Baldwin between Montcalm and Sheffield.
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  • 600-698 N Washington Ave Royal Oak, MI 48067, USA - Royal Oak
    There are MULTIPLE dangers at this intersection. It is a traffic nightmare before and after school. It needs to be evaluated because there are several factors causing the dangers daily. School officials, media, and local police have all been notified multiple times. TWO CHILDREN HAVE ALREADY BEEN HIT BY CARS. Please can we get the intersection of Washington and Willis assessed for safety? Spring is on the way and there is going to be a tragedy if something is not done.
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  • 745 N. Oxford Rd ( North parking lot), Oxford, michigan 48371 - Oxford
    People are not using the parent dropp off. They are dropping and picking up students at the red curb where it claerly states no parking standing, they are making a unsafe enviroment when leaving the parking lot and as students cross over into this traffic mess to go into the school. The safety of the students with parked and leaving vehicles in the driving lanes.
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  • 5359-5373 Williams Lake Rd Waterford, MI 48329, USA - Waterford
    With each downfall, Williams Lake Road, just west of Dixie Hwy. floods. There must be more that the county can do besides leaving a 'water over road' sign at the site year round....Thank you,
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  • Josephine And Huron/M59 - Waterford
    The first entrance/exit for Huron Foods right after the light at Josephine, people come to a near stop when pulling in. I almost rear-ended a person due to 2 cars in front of me came to a stop to pull into Huron Foods. I have seen others have to stop hard there because of someone pulling in to Huron Foods
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  • Vg'S Parking Lot Walton & Baldwin, Pontiac, MI 48342, USA - Pontiac
    Sad to say the mother (yuk) and Daughter (long sandy brown hair) team were spotted tonight at VG's about 10:15. They are still using the blue mini van, but now there is also a black trail blazer with them, might be their pimp. Is the police ever going to help us with this problem????
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  • 1430 Joslyn Road Pontiac Mi 48340 - Pontiac
    A couple of white males with cardboard signs are begging for money and actually trying to intimidate motorist while they are stopped at the traffic light. Our city of Pontiac has a bad enough reputation let alone having able bodied grown men beg for money instead of working. Throw these bums in jail, they are giving our city a black eye.
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