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  • 2800 Shirlington Rd. Arlington, VA - North Ridge-Rosemont

    Enforce yield of Southbouth Shirlington Rd traffic to cars coming from 'Shirlington Loop' over 395.

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  • 301-399 Holland Ln Alexandria, Virginia - Eisenhower East

    exit at Whole Foods parking garage encourages a quick right turn. Wide curb radii makes it difficult to see pedestrians.

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  • 2340 Duke St Alexandria, VA - Eisenhower East

    Last night (Oct 9th - 10th) the hourly freight trains going under the Duke St. tunnel were blarring their horns every .5 seconds for the entire duration of their trip. It would take 15 or so minutes or each to get by. I don't see how the policy makes us any safer. Worst part is the trains come hourly and it is impossible to sleep through. Perhaps some lighting along the track would solve the problem?
    Typically the trains would blow the horn twice, which will wake up people in the near by buildings but it doesn't go on for 15 minutes. I assume it must have been fog or something which drove them to 'lay on the horn'.

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  • Fort Williams Pkwy Alexandria, VA - Seminary Hill

    Because of increased traffic cut-throughs - At the intersection of Fort williams Pkwy and Tupelo Place drivers routinely speed and run through the stop sign. WHERE ARE THE POLICE? WHY DOES THE CITY ONLY PUT SPEED SLOWING DEVICES IN SOME NEIGHBORHOODS? HOW ABOUT A LIGHT DEVICE - SOMETHING???

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  • 99 E Del Ray Ave Alexandria, VA 22301, USA - Potomac West

    several cars have been abandoned within one block of this location (including on Del Ray Ave and Clyde Ave) for years including one vw bug, 2 pontiacs and one ford thunderbird. these eye sores appear to belong to the residents of 103 E Del Ray Avenue. the cars never move and several have flat tires

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  • Potomac Ave And Main Line Alexandria, VA - Potomac Yard-Potomac Greens

    I'm not sure what hour of the day the lights need to be solid red, but certainly in the early morning and late evening, the lights do not need to be solid red. I understand traffic is changing - when there are cars coming, I'll be happy to sit at a light. For now, I just keep missing the light to get on Hwy 1 going south. Bummer.

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  • 2425 Mill Rd Alexandria, VA 22314, USA - Eisenhower East

    Due to construction on overpass (Telegraph) the sidewalk on Mill has been blocked, causing pedestrians to walk on shoulder-less road with blind turn.

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  • 228 S West St Alexandria, VA - King St Metro

    While attempting to cross Duke Street on my bike, I eventually realized that I do not get a green light unless a car pulls up and triggers the sensor. Is it less important for bikes to be able to use the light than cars? Why would the system be set up for only one type of road user?

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  • Dulany St Alexandria, VA - Eisenhower East

    Cars easily access this area 24 hours a day, while during off hours, pedestrians crossing from the metro stop to Carlyle must cross 3 of the 4 sides of the intersection, then request the light. It can take as long as 6 minutes to accomplish this legally, while the lights continue to focus on getting auto traffic through regardless of whether there is any at all.

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  • 4401 Ford Ave Alexandria, VA 22302, USA - Alexandria Wrest

    This is one for the police. They used to pull over people here all the time. They haven't in atleast six months. I have almost gotten in an accident about 12 times from people gliding through the stop sign. Not only is it dangerous, the City is giving up the revenue that could easily be made ticketing people.

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  • Jefferson Davis Hwy Alexandria, VA - Potomac Yard-Potomac Greens

    The new Monroe Ave. Bridge is a great improvement except for the addition of a mandatory right turn on the north end. Car's coming north in the right-most lane are typically not seeing the few signs, and end up abruptly trying to move over into the left lane. They could change the highway markings to a solid stripe on the bridge and add a few painted right turns.

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  • Eisenhower W Alexandria, VA - US Congressional District VA8

    Along roadway Sidewalk abruptly ends; along property of the Van Dorn Metro Station. A sidewalk here would make for better access to the Metro Station, and easier Bike Commute access on Eisenhower Blvd.

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