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  • 2 Clay Pitts Road Greenlawn, New York - Greenlawn

    There are several pots that almost can't be missed unless you either swerve to the extreme left or the extreme right on Clay Pitts road and Cuba Hill Road. When turning onto to Clay Pitts going East from Cuba Hill Road you can't miss it. There's one more pot hole a few hundred feet east as well that is going to cause a blowout. Please fix these as soon as you can.

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  • 2 Clay Pitts Road Greenlawn, NY 11740, USA - Greenlawn

    Major pot hole. Someone is going to get hurt. I've reported this several times. This time I added a picture for your enjoyment.

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  • 1029-1031 Park Avenue Huntington, New York - Greenlawn

    In the last week or 2, it seems traffic is more jammed than usual on Park Ave heading toward the intersection with Broadway. Has the traffic light been reprogrammed or something? I stopped at the light and very few cars went by on Broadway. After the light the traffic jam stopped. I think the light timing needs to be adjusted.

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  • Greenbrush Court Greenlawn, NY 11740, USA - Greenlawn

    Several calls to the town Hway Dept and a call to a Town councilman and still no one has shown up to plow or sand the street. The residents got together and using snowblowers and then a friends bob-cat cleared most of the street themselves. Still no plow or sander 9 hrs after the storm.

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  • Greembrush Court Greenlawn, NY 11740, USA - Greenlawn

    See Greenbrush Ct report

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  • Pot hole Archived
    Pulaski Road East Huntington, NY - Greenlawn

    Monster pot hole on Pulaski east near that nursery. Blew out my tire was hidden by shoulder of road still in regulations of road.

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  • 1 Oberlon Dr Greenlawn, NY 11740, USA - Greenlawn

    making a right from oberlon onto hofstra Drive there is a 4 foot rut that is 3 inches deep and 6 inches wide that needs to be filled, there are also a rut where Colgate meets Monet and where Colgate meets Bowden there are 2 holes on Hofstra where it ends on Monet.

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  • 3 foot rut Archived
    18 Colgate Rd Greenlawn, NY 11740, USA - Greenlawn

    when making a right from Monet onto Colgate there is a 3 foot rut 4-5 inched deep and 4-5 inches wide

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  • Southbound Lane At 145 Stony Hollow Road Greenlawn, New York - Greenlawn

    Very large and deep pothole that could be dangerous to motorists. Caused a front tire puncture on my car.

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  • Kirkland Drive And Butterfield Drive Greenlawn, New York - Greenlawn

    There are potholes on Kirkland drive intercepting Butterfield Drive

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  • Greenbrush Court Greenlawn NY 11740, USA - Greenlawn

    No plows showed up at all. By about 1pm three neighbors with snow blowers and one neighbor with a Bobcat cleared the road. The cul de sac at the end now has a center island made of snow!!

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  • 28 Bowden Rd Greenlawn, NY 11740, USA - Greenlawn

    turning right from Colgate onto Bowden there are 2 ruts in the road, it appears whenever two roads intersects one corner has a long hole in it after this winter.

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