Winnona Park

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Winnona Park Neighborhood

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  • 292 E College Ave Decatur, GA 30030 - Decatur

    Pedestrian "walk" light here turns green but Eastbound traffic light shows right-turn arrow, so motorists think that pedestrians and bicyclists on the Stone Mountain bike path lack right-of-way.

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  • Fix Pot holes Archived
    E. College Avenue Decatur, GA - Decatur

    E. College Avenue & Livingston Rd, (at Shell Station) two big pot holes need fixing.

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  • Midway Rd.And Midway Ave. DECATUR, GA - Belvedere Park


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  • N Candler St Decatur, GA - Decatur

    The new plans for this intersection need to fully accommodate cycling and walking traffic as integral to the purpose.
    As it stands, calling it "dangerous" for cyclists and pedestrians is a way of looking at the bright-side.

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  • Sams Crossing Decatur, GA - DeKalb County

    The washboards in the asphalt at the intersection of Sams Crossing and East College Ave can make tires on both motor vehicles and bicycles lose contact with the roadway.

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  • 300-358 E College Ave Decatur, GA 30030, USA - Decatur

    Westbound traffic on College Ave turning onto Candler faces dangerous conditions in addition to heavy oncoming traffic. The abnormal geometry of the intersection shrinks the window of opportunity for turns and keeps cars from inching forward to anticipate an opportunity, backing up traffic and encouraging chance taking. Eastbound turning traffic cannot sufficiently see past westbound vehicles waiting to turn.

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  • 701-745 Sams Crossing Decatur, GA - DeKalb County

    Turning left from Sams Crossing (Southbound) onto E. College Ave (Westbound - toward Avondale Estates) the joint of the intersection is horrible. If you don't take the turn very slowly, you'll blow your tire, or really mess up your suspension.

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  • 1310 Thomas Rd Decatur, GA - Belvedere Park

    Thomas Road is almost impassable, there are two massive potholes that a small car cannot even drive over, greater than 12 inches deep and 36 inches wide, even an SUV can barely make it through the road. Thank you for the help

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  • 1359 Carter Road Decatur, Georgia - Belvedere Park

    There is a large pothole that has formed where a previous road patch job was done. It is getting worse day by day due to the heavy traffic on this road. The entire house shakes every time MARTA drives by and nails the pothole, which is about 20 times per day. PLEASE come out and fix this.

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  • Brower Road Decatur, Georgia - Decatur

    Traffic Signal never going to green for Brower at Candler Road

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  • Columbia At Walker - Belvedere Park

    Right tire track in downhill side. Bad for bicycles

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  • S Columbia Dr At Walker Dr Decatur, GA - Belvedere Park

    Deep, sharp pothole in S Columbia Dr northwest bound lane

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