Alderman Thomas A. Tunney

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  • 1100 W Belmont Ave Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 44

    lakeview is always bad for traffic and people walking across the major streets and My Block is very busy for vehicle and foot traffic. There should be a CROSS WALK on the corner of N Seminary Ave and Belmont Ave

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  • 3200 North Lake Shore Drive Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 44

    When crossing on foot at Belmont/Sheridan from the NE corner to the NW, pedestrians don't get a crossing signal until after cars have been given a green light for a few seconds, which creates a steady flow of cars turning right before you can enter the crosswalk. It's like the opposite of the "leading pedestrian interval" that have improved other intersections nearby. Giving cars a leading green light makes it dangerous or impossible to cross the street.

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  • Graffiti Removal Acknowledged
    3275-3299 North Wilton Avenue Chicago, IL 60657, USA - Chicago Ward 44

    There is access through the alley up the rear porch and to the roof

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  • Stratford Place And Broadway Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 44

    Tactile pad damaged and pedestrian crosswalk worn away. High pedestrian traffic area, also by individuals with limited mobility. Bus route.

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  • 3200 N Seminary Ave Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 44

    So 2 years ago they had installed 4 signs that says pedestrian crossing but people still almost get ran over at this intersection. They do have the yellow signs but traffic will run you over if you are not careful. There should be a 4 way stop since it is a very busy intersection by the state offices and also all the places to eat in the area, also our block has a school and church so its a must needed thing.

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  • 545 W Roscoe Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 44

    A newly installed handicap permit no parking sign is taking up 3 spaces on a block that's already extremely short on street parking. There are two driveways that either side could be adjacent to, thus eliminating the need to take 3 spaces out and instead would only need to remove one space out of the general public's parking.

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  • 525 Stratford Place Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 44

    I have submitted a 1936 photography of the area of historical concern. This CTA land Island is currently used as a community garden located at Inner LSD as Sheridan turns west from the it. This island was also part of the property of Elisha Hundley that co-owned and operated the Lake View Hotel - namesake of the Township of Lake View.
    I would like to create an addition to the land island garden with mounted historical images of what once was in the area - such as images of the hotel, Bismarck Gardens (rivaled Riviana), as well as IDOT images of Sheridan Road - 1936.
    I understand not a high priority concern but....... my 2 cents worth. :)

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  • 420 W Roscoe Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 44

    There's a fairly sizeable pothole next to the manhole at this address. It doesn't seem huge, but I've seen two cars in the last month stop to get out and look at tire damage after cratering over it.

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  • 3732 N Southport Ave Chicago, IL 60613, USA - Chicago Ward 44

    Mobile pet grooming operation is dumping effluent on city streets. Wow.

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  • 3155 N Hudson Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 44

    Ald. Tunney removed half of the much needed street parking on Hudson at the request of his personal friend and Hudson homeowner with proper notice to Hudson residents who are mostly renters. Parking in the area is already congested and a majority of the residents want the parking returned.

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  • 3252 N Clifton Ave Chicago, IL 60657, USA - Chicago Ward 44
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  • 3314 N. Lake Shore Drive Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 44

    Man, woman & boy (8-12?) living and sleeping in LSD underpass since August 2011. Use it as their toilet. Sanitary and safety issues here. Bicycle policeman told me more people are homeless these days.

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