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  • 4 Street Between Bowery And Lafayette Manhattan , NYC - Central Park
    The construction noise everyday day of the week including Saturdays at 7:30 am is intolerable even with ear plugs and has made living here an absolute nightmare.
    I hear this construction will be going on for years. Is there a way to put in a request at least for them to start construction on Saturdays at a more reasonable hour like 10 am?
    Reported from my mobile device
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  • 350 East 118th Street - Yorkville
    We haven't had reliable heat since March of 2006.
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  • 205 West 107th Street Manhattan, NY - Upper West Side
    Contractors with work permits are gutting out old lead-painted apartments without using safe work practices generating huge clouds of lead dust in the alleyway right near my windows in the building next door at 203 West 107th Street. I have an 11-month-old son. I fear that there is so much lead dust that, even though we didn't open the windows during the fury, the air is extremely toxic in this alleyway and in this first floor apartment. We are staying here temporarily while our ninth floor apartment in the same building is being abated for lead (to protect my son). I believe our temporary refuge is, actually, much more dangerous as a result of this toxic renovation. According to one source, the Landlord of 205 W 107th did not even wet down the debris to control the spread of dust because then it would have been heavier and would have cost more to haul away. When I arrived home from work on Thursday, April 4, at about 4PM, I witnessed a worker loading unwrapped large debris onto a truck in front of my building and banging an old baseboard on the street. The Department of Environmental Protection responded to my 311 complaint, but by the time they arrived on April 9, the most dangerous activity was finished (for now). They reported that no violation was given and they do not appear to have investigated what had gone on the week of April 1 or to have bothered to view the alleyway I have photographed (see comments below). In Bloomberg's New York, the Department of Health and HPD are just as inept, complacent, and complicit in looking the other way.
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  • 511 East 80 St New York, NY 10075, USA - Upper East Side

    511 East 80th ST

    The building owner lives in the building and didnt like the noise the heater was causing in the builidng and decided to have it shut off. This was sub 40 degree temperature at night. We have no heat and no one knows when it will be back on. This is ridiculous

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  • 225 East 106th Street New York, NY 10029, USA - Yorkville
    NO hot water or Heat in the last 7 days day or night.
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  • 524 East 119th Street New York, NY 10035, USA - East Harlem
    There has been no heat and no hot water since since Friday, November 28, 2014.
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  • 124 Central Park West New York, NY - Central Park
    Icon parking garage between 72nd & 73rd on Central Park West placed "PARK" signs with arrows on public light poles.
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  • 200 W 96th St New York, New York - Upper West Side
    The red light camera at the corner of 96th and Amsterdam flashes brightly every minute or so, even when there are no cars
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  • 1779 Madison Avenue New York NY 10035, USA - East Harlem
    Since 10pm 2/12/2014
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  • Fdr Drive South Entrance To Triboro Bridge New York City, New York - City Council District 8
    Going South on FDR Drive (AKA Harlem River Drive) there is a sign indicating that the Triboro Bridge exit is coming. However, at the actual bridge exit, there is no clear sign and many people miss the exit altogether. Whether they call it Triboro or Robert F. Kennedy Bridge, the actual exit needs a big clear sign.
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  • 300-3246 E 108th St Manhattan, NY 10029, USA - Yorkville
    339 E 108th St Reported to 311 by WNYC
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  • 2082 Lexington Avenue 3rd Floor New York, NY 10035 , New York, NY - Harlem
    Sinergia, Inc.
    2082 Lexington Avenue, 3rd Floor
    New York, NY 10035
    When their for help - the office was filthy - infested with bed bugs, carpets clean, bathrooms are a nightmare - we might be poor and need help but we aren't animals.
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