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Washington Heights (WH)
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425 West 144th Street
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  • 180 Edgecombe Avenue New york, NY - Harlem
    Precise Management at 68 Jay Street Brooklyn, NY 11201 has no and does not provide the tenants of 180 Edgecombe Ave with heat or hot water. Tenants have and do file complaints with 311 but to no avail the problem continues to persist. We at best have heat if we are lucky for two days out of the week. HPD always seems to show the day we get it so we look like lairs. It frustrating to no end. there are other problems in the building as well concerning water damage, we don't have a live in super so no one cares how long we freeze. Calling management is met with voicemail and or a answering service who typically hangs up the phone on you if you don't answer all there questions, such as you name while you are happy to give apartment number which reveals the tenant of the unit. Here is a article from the Daily News on our building http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/uptown/cold-@#$%-edgecombe-ave-article-1.1247310 . Since HPD isn't doing anything and DHCR won't give us rent back who can we turn to?
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  • 718 West 184th Street New York, NY 10033, USA - Washington Heights
    Traffic in Bennett needs a stop sign. There is a lot of pedestrian traffic and drivers on 184 th can't see past the parked cars to tell if anyone is coming up Bennett until they are out in the traffic lane and at risk of causing an accident.
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  • 201 Cabrini Boulevard New York, NY - Washington Heights
    Small construction site, abandoned in 2005, has protruding construction fence--blocking 2/3 of passage on the sidewalk--as well as treacherous broken concrete walkway and curb (from dragging broken schist across it). Department of Transportation will not act on this, although it issues citations for far lesser violations.
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  • 246 Dyckman St New York, NY 10034, USA - Inwood

    Dyckman Street from Broadway west has become a zoo... drag racing, car radios blaring, too many liquor-filled patrons sitting in outdoor cafes and hanging around being obnoxiously LOUD until the wee hours of the a.m.

    Weekends are impossible to bear - residents are at their wits' end and the NYPD has nuthin' to say about it all.

    WHY does the SLA keep granting licenses in this area??

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  • 400-450 Cabrini Blvd New York, NY 10040, USA - Washington Heights
    For several years now, there have been almost weekly break-ins to cars parked along Cabrini Boulevard between 190th street and the entrance to Fort Tryon Park. Glass litters the sidewalks every 50 feet. Robert Jackson once told me he was putting in for $ to install cameras, but nothing has happened. It's an ongoing problem that has affected just about everyone I know in the neighborhood at least once.
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  • Harlem 125th Street Station Manhattan, NY 10027, USA - Morningside Heights

    Do you use this station regularly? What would you like to see changed? What is your vision for a positive urban future here?

    Post a comment on this issue, and lets start the conversation. — www.subseries.org/archives/category/harlem-125th-street

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  • 835 Riverside Drive New York, NY 10032 - Washington Heights
    Hot water is not reliably provided to residents. Problem affects whole building and has been reported repeatedly to management and to 311, but it persists. We never know when we turn on the hot water faucet whether the water will be warm or ice cold. Super is unreachable when it happens and the repair number given by management goes to an answering service.
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  • 255 W 187th St New York, NY 10040, USA - Washington Heights
    Our hot water goes completely out several times a day, and has for over a year now. The overall pressure is very, very weak. And the temperature is barely "warm" (we never turn on the cold water in the shower). We brought this matter to the building's attention the day we moved in, and have been brushed off ever since. We've filed multiple (successful) complaints with the City, but the Super, and the Building Condo Board still refuse to do anything to help us.
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  • George Washington Bridge & Hwy 9 New York, NY 10033, USA - Washington Heights
    Stairs from Riverside Dr to NY-9A dead-end at a fence piled with trash. This is a very dangerous situation, particularly given the seclusion and length of the stairs. The sidewalk should be cleared and the steps should be repaired to facilitate pedestrian movement between Fort Washington Park and Washington Heights.
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  • 583 Riverside Drive - Hamilton Heights
    There has been not hot water supply since 2/10/10. We have complained to NYC 311 line (Complaint# 5497785) but nothing has been resolved. There are 70 families w/ children between the ages of 1-19 in this building and proper handling of this issues should be given, but it seems that all complains has been ignored. I had call 311 today 2/16/11 but unable to give me a positive answer that Case still open.
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  • NO HEAT Archived
    521 W 156th Street New York, NY - Washington Heights
    E & M Associates - Moved in Oct 1st and have yet to have heat that has lasted longer than an hour. At first, the building's heat wasn't on. Then, it was just my heat that doesn't work. It will randomly go on for about 45 minutes every couple of days, and then suddenly shut off. The superintendent doesn't speak English and doesn't understand why I don't have heat when the rest of the building does. The management company hears my problem, and then tells me they will call me back and hangs up. I have yet to receive a call back after over a month of trying. I'm at a loss as to what I should do next. Do I just call a mechanic myself and pay for the repairs? I really can't afford a space heater or the electricity bills, and since my landlord is breaking the law by not providing me with heat, shouldn't they be paying for a heater or mechanic for me?
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  • 765 Riverside Drive New York, New York - Washington Heights
    From 135th Street north along Riverside Drive people routinely use the staircases and stairwells as toilets. The stench of urine and fecal material is thick in the air. There are few trash cans. People throw trash everywhere, and the park is fast becoming home to homeless drunks living in the woods. Park crews sit around not doing their jobs. No one seems to be in charge of them or this area, as bags of trash routinely sit for weeks without pick-up. The stairwells at W 148th Street and 152nd Streets are particularly foul and nothing short of a health issue. The police routinely drive by without ticketing barbequers knee deep in their own trash... I pay taxes in this City and wonder just what it would take to get this park cleaned up?
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