NY City Council District 31

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234-26 A Merrick Blvd.
Laurelton, New York 11422

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250 Broadway
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New York, NY 10007

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  • 12-70 Redfern Avenue Far Rockaway, NY 11690 - City Council District 31

    My Mother is 76 years old with numerous health issues and every winter including this one she has to deal with no heat or hot water on a regular basis. She burns her stove for heat every night because when housing sends heat it's for 1 to 4 hours in the day hours and after 9 or 10 at night it is cut off. Leaving her without heat during the coldest hours of the day. This has been going on for years. Burning the stove for heat also creates mold in the apartment which housing is aware happens due to lack of heat sent through the radiators. It's ashame we pay these bums rent and then we have to fight for basic services we are already entitled to and pay for. And as always it's an uphill fight and we're ignored. If you didn't pay your rent they would have you in court after 30 days and yet they let the tenants suffer for years. Thank you for creating this site. You have done all of us a public service in exposing these landlords including the city. My mother has been reporting this issue to NYCHA since 12/10/2009 and we have also filed a complaint with 311. Still busines as usual.

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  • No heat Archived
    14-68 Beach Channel Dr Far Rockaway, New York - City Council District 31

    No heat in my apartment, housing needs turn on the heat. I have no problem with the pipes
    Reported from my mobile device

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  • Beach 2nd St Lawrence, NY 11559, USA - City Council District 31

    Blew out my tire and bent my rim for a whopping $500 day! Directly next too the Welcome to Nassau County Sign.

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  • No hot water Archived
    14-68 Beach Channel. Dr Far Rockaway , New York - City Council District 31

    Requesting hot water

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  • Long Island Ave And Abermarle Ave Brookhaven (village), NY - City Council District 31
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  • 36-1-36-99 Edgemere Ave Far Rockaway, NY 11691, USA - City Council District 31

    water is bubbling out of the street and corner of street is flooded

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  • 316 Beach 84th Street Rockaway Park, NY 11693, USA - City Council District 31

    electricity was cut off this morning

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