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  • 1535 Taylor Ave Bronx , ny, NY - Parkchester

    it is a fault of this city to let its resedents stay cold while indoors. the rent is paid but the house has been too cold. this is a continuoious problem with this landlord ,MILBANK REAL ESTATE, now in forclouser at 1535 taylor ave. who suffers , us the tenants. MILBANK REAL ESTATE has already lost one building on Taylor ave . we only can hope that this bad landlord does not contoinue to own buildings in the bronx. There are broken windows , empty and stripped down apts, garbage on the side of the building where to get access would be a problem. no one cleans the halls or monitors the building . WE ARE INDOORS AND ITS TOO COLD. we stay warm with small heaters, ovens and stoves. a distaster waiting to happen. before this does please help the old , the children , sick and those who need the heat and go hot water to wash and go to work. HELP

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  • 1472 Beach Ave bronx, NY - Parkchester

    landlord 9146378610 jeff crumpton
    super 9172919837 peter
    great way to start a holiday weekend

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  • South Bound Major Deegan Expressway Off Ramp Of Exit 6 Bronx , NY - Parkchester

    There are so many potholes on the off ramp of exit 6 it's crazy. You have to drive slowly along the side not to destroy your tires

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  • 1535 Taylor Ave Bronx, NY, NY - Parkchester

    This building is distusting, there is garbage pilled against the building , standing water is about half way into the garbage . It extends the length of the building . When entering the building it is no different . There are boards over unfinished apts, hall walls stripped to the brick, other apts are empty with no lock, useed for garbage, children are playing in these same dirty nasty halls . There are bed bugs, water when it rains wets the walls in the halls over the windows. This happens in some of the apts also. The renovatiovations look good for the fiorst week until the rain comes or the lights go out. most of the windows are haging on by a thread. It is hard to fix these problems because no on cares enough and the city just comes out and violations are given to the reciever/city management co. This is something that I have complained about and it just gos on the city don't care and tring to move is impossable esspecially if you are disabled & on a program that helps with the rent. L.L. & R.E. boldlly let you know , No Programs. Discrimination this is it & believe me there is no coolor or ethenicity attached.

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  • still cold! Archived
    1535 Taylor Ave. Bronx, NY - Parkchester

    this has gone on just way too long, it is still cold , and the tenants are begining to show frustration. There is only so much we can do as tenants in a building that has been neglected. There needs to be a law setting a landlord responsable , its a shame that the tenants who pay their rent, should be spending $$ on space heaters, gas from their ovens & stoves to heat water . This is not the 1920, 30's or even 70's , it's 2011 and this city cannot hold a landlord accountable for providing the heat, hot water ,safe & clean apts and halls. This is beyond neglectiful it is criminal. There is a real chance of a dangerious sitituation here. MILBANK REAL ESTATE is to blame . Please help the tenants from the youngest to the oldest to sleep in a warm apt & wake to hot water to wash for school, work, doc. apts ,ect. .

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  • 1472 Beach Ave Bronx Ny 10460 - Parkchester

    Calling 311 is the biggest waste of time ever. you call them the days you have no heat and they in turn show up a week later when the problem has usually been fixed. whats the point of having a complaint hotline if nothing gets done in a timely fashionb to catch these landlords that neglect their duties? there are no real protections for a tennant. 311 is useless.

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  • pick-up Open
    1800-1818 Guerlain St Bronx, NY 10460, USA - Parkchester

    when i wpuld walk my dog , i picked-up after him, and yet there would be some other dog walker not picking-up. they look the other way as if no one sees that they are too lazy or mabe too imbarised. i don't know but in this neighborhood and surronding area is just really distgusting and i am tired of dogging the poo. there are laws that were set in the 1970's, that if you didn't pick-up you faced getting a fine.the curb your dog well that is just complettlly egnored. it , the gog poo has become a growing issue where taking a walk down the block means to dog the doggie-poo. i am sick and tired of the poo everywhere on the sidewalk, and at the trees oh it needs to be addressed and the laws put in place so many years ago need to be reassesed to find a better way . to clean our streets from those who don'tpick-up the poop.

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  • Bronx River Parkway Bronx, NY 10460, USA - Morris Park

    Very dangerous potholes esp. in northbound lanes of Brx R Pwy, made worse because street lights are out. Potholes like moon craters! 311 has been called.

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  • 1535 Taylor Ave Bronx, NY - Parkchester

    once again the tenants at 1535 taylor ave have been left witout hotwater or heat. it is an ongoing problem with this landlord,milbank real estate . there are elderlly, sick,children and we are frezzing.there are windows in the halls that are broken &empty apts. with open windows. this makes the cold here that much more . help

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  • no heat Open
    1259 White Plains Road - Union Port

    No heat in whole building at night every winter

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  • Bruckner Expy Bronx, NY 10472, USA - Union Port

    I had a blowout here; westbound middle lane, and lost right front tire! So did 6 others cars within 30 minutes. Get this fixed before someone is killed!!!!

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  • no heat Open
    1259 White Plains Road - Union Port

    No heat in whole building at night every winter

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