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    10 White Terrace Ramsey, NJ - Ramsey


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  • 385 North Franklin Turnpike Ramsey, New Jersey - Ramsey

    these 2 flashing signs, in front of don bosco high school, do not work since hurricane sandy took them out. cars regularly speed here, in a high traffic school zone. a sever danger to pedestrians, cars, cyclists.

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  • 303 S Central Ave Ramsey, NJ 07446, USA - Ramsey

    2/4/11--Road surface is in poorer condition now with large potholes forming, no repairs have been done at all.------Road surface on South Central Ave. is a mishmash of patching done poorly, so the road is as rough as a washboard. There will be tire or suspension damage soon.

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  • 250 S Franklin Turnpike Ramsey, NJ 07446, USA - Ramsey

    Potholes making your drive a nightmare? Navigate to it on the map and report it here

    The pothole is on Franklin Tpke (on the northbound side) and Abbey Court. It is so big that it cannot be avoided when making a right turn from Abbey onto Franklin Tpke. I have a new car and I don't want to have it destroyed over a pothole that has been there way too long. PLEASE fix it.
    Also, about 20 yards further down on the same (northbound) side, there is a traffic sign that was knocked down last year and still has not been made to stand upright.

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  • Airmount Rd. mahwah, NJ - Ramsey

    No service - Sprint

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  • 586 N Franklin Turnpike Ramsey, NJ 07446, USA - Ramsey

    In order to go around this pothole, you need to go over the double yellow lines, so if someone is coming the other way, close to the line, you have no choice but to go over it.

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  • 2-28 Swan St Ramsey, NJ 07446, USA - Ramsey

    Sinking sewer grate on corner curb causing dangerous right turn condition from N Central Ave onto Swan St.

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  • pothole Open
    842 State Rte 17 Ramsey, NJ - Ramsey

    very large pothole behind STS (900 Rt 17 N)

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  • Lake Street Extension Ramsey, NJ 07446, USA - Ramsey

    Multiple potholes on Lake street extension off Rt17 Lake street exit. At the Lake St light behind the Path Mark.

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  • 5 Davidson Ave Ramsey, NJ 07446, USA - Ramsey

    there is a sinking sewer grate causing a deep depression in the middle of the road

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  • 14 Orchard St Ramsey, NJ 07446, USA - Ramsey

    no stop sign and a blind corner make for a BAD intersection!! People come off of Orchard and go straight across into the parking lot and don't even STOP for traffic that has the right of way on Grant Street! PLEASE put a stop sign @ the corner of Orchard and Grant Streets making ORCHARD stop!

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  • 39-41 Spring St Ramsey, NJ 07446, USA - Ramsey

    There is a pot hole that you can't help but go over when you make the left off of Spring St. to go over 17

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