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Stephen DeCrescenzo

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  • 370 Elm Street West Haven, CT - West Haven
    I think it is long overdue to unite our fire departments. There is not a reason in the world to have 3 fire districts in a city as small as ours. It's time for a new vote for this and we all, as West Havener's, have to unite to consolidate the departments. Just think, this might save taxpayer's money.
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  • 388 Morgan Ln West Haven, CT 06516 - West Haven
    Students and faculty can not bike from central campus to West Campus. This is a serious oversight on the part of Yale, and one that potentially impacts the entire regional economy by forcing more people to drive. A route should have been created prior to the opening of the new campus as a research facility.
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  • mugged Archived
    Campbell Ave And Leete St West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven
    A friend of mine Gary got mugged by 10 to 15 African American youths on july 4th early approximately 11pm. Gary is the nicest fellow and would not harm a flea. I am not sure if the Casa Bianca pizza place got any footage as they do have camera. Gary is recovering after being hospitalized with head trauma, ear canal puncture and other injuries. We need guaridna angels in west haven center/beach area or more walking patrols
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  • 154 160 Kelsey Ave West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven
    On 07/28/10 an 18 year old camp counselor at the West Haven Painter Park Camp struck my niece in the hand for a punishment. No DCF Report # 136 was filed under the law of mandated reporting, no police report was made, and one of the directors of the camp said: "There was two sides of the story". My niece has Rheumatoid Arthritis and her hand has been twitching for days. The camp has yet to report this felony assault on a minor by an 18 year old adult and has swept the whole affair under the rug.
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  • 127 Leete Street West Haven, CT - West Haven
    I see there is already so many concerned neighbors addressing this issue, however I feel I should also express my frustration with this situation and the way it is completely being ignored by the west Haven Police department as well as all the other local organizations. At any given moment you can go by this home and see the comings and goings of many shady characters. I think its time for all the reports to the police and complaints to be addressed. Please take notice and take care of this on going problem. Lets not wait until there is an assault or something truly bad happens to one of the neighborhood children. Everyone talks about setting the example for our children...lets hope the heads of our community take that step and show they care about the people in their city.
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  • 4 Bassett Ct West Haven, CT 06516 - West Haven
    the health dept. needs to look inside. ceilings falling down holes in the roof in more than one spot , mold growing in house and a bad oder. you can watch the mice coming out from under the front window and going back in ,all the windows on 2nd floor have hudge fliesin them. there are 13 dogs maybe a few less because the husband passed out and was not able to stop the one of daily dog fights and 1 dog was killed. the side of there house is pilled with gas can and crap as is the so called sun house and pool house. there are children in tis house 1 autistic, 1 left because his mother could not give up drinking,and 1 is 15. the husband is abusiveand so is mom .the neibors call this house of @#$%,
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  • 295 Beach Street West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven

    I believe someone new purchased this property last fall but it is in the worst shape yet. Every window is boarded up, also parts of the roof are falling off and hanging down. This property is right in front of the beach, its a huge eye sore and every time you think West Haven is cleaning up little by little, I drive by this site and forget all of that.

    West haven has published blight codes now, this must be in violation of a number of them. They should have this cleaned up before the summer/beach season.

    Actual homeowners need to keep their properties in good condition, this property should need to be cleaned up too.

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  • Beach West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven
    We visited West Walk this weekend, and took our daughter to the play area that is on the beach, across from the police/info building. The kids there were playing with cigarette butts found in the sand and we found a plastic knife under the slide. Underneath the gym it smells strongly of urine. Someone please "recycle" the sand from that area?!
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  • 196 Beach Street West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven
    Since July 3, the day of the "invasion" (the WHPD's words) of throngs of slobs who come to West Haven to watch the fireworks and, ostensibly, to celebrate their country's independence anniversary, every day since then there has been one and only one trash can on the corner of Beach St and Morse Ave. And each of those days, by early evening, while there are still many people on the beach, the trash can has looked like this: overflowing with garbage. The trash is collected the following morning, but that's not before some of that trash has found its way into the gutter, and the storm drain, and back out to the Sound. It's also unsightly and unsanitary. Public Works has chosen to put too few trash cans in this area, as it is, which is unconscionable given how many people flock to this area. The Savin Beach parking lot has ZERO trash cans in it (while I counted 6 in the parking lot behind the conference center this morning). Also, much of this trash contains recyclable materials -- at least a third of it is recyclabe -- which is reason enough to put a recycling container at this corner as well. Oh, here's another reason why West Haven needs to do more about recycling: it's state law. But don't take my word for it, visit http://www.ct.gov/deep/cwp/view.asp?a=2714&q=324896. Despite this law, West Haven refuses to comply with it, nor does it require its contracted trash hauler to comply with it.
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  • 343 Beach Street West Haven, CT - West Haven
    We reside in a 30 units condominiums building known as OCEANSIDE on Beach Street in West Haven.. The speeding and THE NOISE MAKING is unbearable.
    Several years ago we had a meeting with the mayor to discuss the SPEEDING and the UNBEARABLE NOISE issues. Nothing was done.
    Police present in the summer was tried ,but as soon as they go the speeders and the noise makers return. SPEED BUMPS are the only answer to these problems. They where placed all over the beach streets of Milford. Also on several streets in New Haven. In all these locations the problem was solved and there where no accidents.
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  • Thomas Street West Haven, CT - West Haven

    Cars park on both sides of the streets during snow storms still. In my several years in west haven I've never seen a violator towed or even ticketed?

    The real issue is the number of cars parking on streets and number of tenants living in these properties, but aside from that it would be great if the city would actually follow through on the parking ban ticketing. Thomas street still pretty messy because cars were parked on both sides of the streets.

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  • 394 606 Forest Rd West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven

    "Forest Road" in West Haven approaching RT34.

    The "All About Me" people decide to start making this ONE lane into a TWO lane in front of the cemetery. People drive into ON COMING TRAFFIC to go around us more sensible people (who know its a SINGLE LANE) to go into the turn lane a 1/4 mile ahead. This is INSANE, dangerous and absurd. Why do they do it? Because no one is there to stop them. Cops need to station at this area during peak times and give out tickets! After all, this is their job and it will bring money into the state for sure!

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