Cheltenham Township PA

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  • 7377 N 19th St Philadelphia, PA 19126 - Oak Lane

    cheltenham ave between 20th and 19th street has several tire eating/strut breaking holes. the lane traveling east (towards broad st.) has BIGGGGGGGGG holes on the passenger side. i just had to replace strut and buy tires. $600 to repair! somebody put playdoh ( couldn't be asphalt tar etc.)in it and it's still a hole

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  • 668 Washington Ln Jenkintown, PA 19046 - Jenkintown

    large pothole

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  • 2329 79th Ave Philadelphia, PA 19150, USA - Cedar Brook

    Street leads into Cheltenham
    mall and lots of traffic lots of
    ice its a two way street with only one lane open cars are
    backing up into Ogontz Ave
    and Cheltenham Ave

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  • 177 Summit Ave Jenkintown, PA 19046 - Jenkintown

    This street has MANY small + large potholes

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  • 435 York Rd Jenkintown, PA 19046 - US Congressional District PA13

    Potholes in the right lane leading up to the light could probably swallow a small child not to mention your tire. Poor patching has only made it worse.

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  • E Johnson St Philadelphia, PA 19138, USA - Cedar Brook

    At this end of Johnson street is the driveways. We the Neighbors need the dept of Streets to share the cost of reparing our driveways

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  • 691 Meetinghouse Road Elkins Park, PA 19027, USA - Cheltenham Township
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  • 2154 74th Avenue Philadelphia, PA - Oak Lane

    This house has been abandoned for more than three years.All windows are busted out,back and front,squatters are in and out of the place daily.Firemen actually went into the house next door to put out a fire,and noticed that this property next door to the fire property was abandoned but wide open.

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  • 2600 S. Chadwick Street Philadelphia PA 19145 - Cheltenham Township

    Street has not been plowed

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  • 7709 Union Ave Elkins PArk, PA - Cheltenham Township

    Content blocked by rejections

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  • 7845 Wise Ave Baltimore, Maryland, 21222 - Cedar Brook

    The CVS on Wise.Ave has a delivery every Tuesday, usually from 1pm to 11pm. The tractor trailer parks directly in front of the store on the street, blocking the whole right lane and making it near impossible to make a right turn.I spoke to the manager,and he explained that although they have a receiving area in the back of the store, they can not use it anymore, on direct orders from their district manager. Apparently, 1 woman who recently moved into the neighborhood complained about the noise of the truck out back, and in order to satisfy this one woman, the DM insisted the employees unload from the front. I have also seen several employees dangerously close to the busy street, unloading truck. This is absurd. What kind of horrible DM of a company blocks a whole towns street and endangers his employees lives? is this legal????

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  • 410 Waverly Rd Wyncote, PA - Wyncote

    During the storm a giant tree (over 75 'tall) fell across our street at 7:00 PM Monday evening, taking down the power lines and falling against our house

    As of 8:30 AM Thursday morning everything is still the same with the tree still across Waverly Road and wires all over the street. There are a lot of kids in the neighborhood and the wires are a severe hazard.

    The township was out a couple times and put up caution tape but we cannot get any estimate of when the clean-up will be.

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