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  • Green Street New London, CT - New London

    annex behind the old Golden St. Gallery has been under construction for years. The doors are covered with graffiti, are rotten and nothing seems to be happening! Killing the neighborhood! 1st view when looking down Green St. from State is a run down building! FIX I6 years after investing in the neighborhood... nothing has happened other than the gallery closed, businesses came and left..but the building remains the same.

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  • 533-599 Bayonet Street New London, CT 06320, USA - New London

    Street lights are dark dim or out

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  • 30 Reed St New London, CT 06320 - New London

    this street is choppier than the Thames river in a hurricane, efforts to remediate the pot holes have subsided.

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  • 108 Jefferson Ave New London, CT - New London

    Stop the cars from racing where kids play/cross for school.

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  • Citywide New London, CT - New London

    The SEAT busses, do not have any sinage at their bus stops to inform riders that the locations are bust stops where they can board/wait the bus

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  • Bayonet St New London, CT 06320 - New London

    Bayonet St from the new London Mall to Briggs St needs repaving. Several repair attempts have been made but the road is still bad.

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  • Bayonet St New London, CT - New London

    Several potholes on bayonet st , new london ct

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  • 217 Shaw St New London, Connecticut - New London

    At the rotary and Shaw, there are several street lights out in the same area.
    This makes for an unsafe and incredibly dark corner for the kids and families that live there.

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  • Corner Of Moore Ct And Moore Ave New London, CT 06320, USA - New London

    There is a dilapidated yellow house on the corner of these two roads that is completely gross. The yard is filled with garbage and weeds and a DUMPSTER. The house is filthy. Not to mention children live there... If the outside, that everyone sees, looks like a nightmare just imagine the living conditions inside.

    This one home is bringing down the whole neighborhood to slum level. Stop making us all look like scumbags and CLEAN IT UP!

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  • 530-572 State Highway 635 New London, CT 06320, USA - New London

    Whenever it snows, the sidewalks on this bridge (Williams St. over Highway 32) get covered with piled-up snow from the snowplows. It's never shoveled, which effectively makes the bridge (and other nearby stretches of Williams Street) inaccessible to pedestrians unless they want to take their lives into their hands and dodge cars in the street.

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  • 99 Lee Avenue New London, CT 06320, USA - New London

    Red light out on the right lane at the corner of Route 1(Bank street) and Lee Street in New London.

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  • 12 Moore Ct New London, CT 06320, USA - New London

    Giant sinkhole on the side of the road in front of 12 Moore Ct from the recent flooding. Please fix before it gets any bigger. It's very dangerous.

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