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  • 1117 Norbay St Franklin Square, NY 11010, USA - Queens Village
    Content blocked by rejections
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  • Meadowbrook State Pkwy East Meadow, NY 11554, USA - Uniondale
    Meadowbrook Parkway South Between Exits M1-M4 has many potholes especially in the right and center lanes.
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  • 32 Sherwood Road Levittown, NY - Levittown
    I am requesting for additional Street Lamps for the corner of Sherwood Road and Loring Road. There are to many drivers who blow through the Stop Signs at night, not realizing children play in the streets.I believe that additional street lamps, would help the drivers see the Stop Signs at night.
    Another issue is underage drinking and drug use. To many kids are drinking and doing drug use in the street on Loring Road. I believe that additional street lamps, would keeps the kids, from parting in the street. This has been a problem here for years now.
    Once again, I believe that additional Street Lamps, would improve the safety of the neighborhood; and protect the young children. Thank You for your time!
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  • Street Sign Archived
    103 Kingsbury Rd Garden City, New York - Garden City
    Missing vertical reflector on stop sign.
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  • 735 Patterson Avenue Franklin Square, NY - Franklin Square
    The street light opposite 735 Patterson Avenue is out of service and needs to be repaired.
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  • Seaford-Oyster Bay Expy & Southern State Pkwy Levittown, NY 11783, USA - Levittown
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  • 201 Hungry Harbor Rd Valley Stream, NY 11581, USA - Valley Stream
    A few months ago a new traffic light was installed at this intersection. There is a left turn arrow from Brookfield Road onto Hungry Harbor Rd. However, there is no right turn arrow onto Brookfield Rd. from Hungry Harbor Rd. This causes confusion when the left turn arrow is on and the cars on Hungry Harbor do not know when it is safe to make a right turn. This should be corrected.
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  • Graffiti Archived
    St James St Garden City, NY 11530, USA - Garden City
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  • 1100 Peninsula Blvd hewlett, ny - Woodmere
    The street light in front of our house has been burnt out for over a year. We reported it a long time ago, and it was never fixed
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  • 14 Kenmore Road Garden City, New York - Garden City
    Hi there, a nice evergreen tree was removed several months back to enable contractors with the EPA to gain access into the eastern portion of the Nassau Haven soccer field to install an observation well. I would like to received assurances that this tree will be replaced. Thanks!
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  • 63 Meadow Street Garden City, New York - Garden City
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  • One Washington Street - Hempstead (village)

    Three weeks ago, with no explanation for their action, the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter dismissed their workers and volunteers that, among other duties, found homes for many of the very adoptable animals that pass through their shelter. The two people on the payroll were transferred to other Town departments; the volunteers were just told not to return.

    I know firsthand how wonderful so many dogs that are given up for mostly pathetic reasons, can be. I took a 7 year old Chihuahua into my home from there and he is surely the most perfect creature ever.

    This Tuesday, November 9th, the town of Hempstead is holding their monthly meeting during which people are allowed, at the end of this meeting, to speak up about any issue of serious concern. Many of us in the rescue community plan to use our allotted 2 minutes at the end of the meeting to plead for the return of these wonderful people whose efforts saved countless lives, every day.

    Why in the world would this shelter wish not to save dogs when such rescues have been made so easy for them. What excuse can there possibly be for choosing to put these very adoptable animals down, instead of allowing them to go to certified rescue groups that will find them wonderful second chances at life.

    We need you there for support and help in spreading the word about this situation. We need your amazing ability to change inconceivable wrongs to rights so that we can continue to save lives.

    Tuesday, November 9, 10:30 a.m.

    Nathan L.H. Bennett Pavilion
    Adjacent to Hempstead Town Hall
    One Washington Street
    Hempstead, New York

    Rhoda Karp
    Volunteer at For Our Friends Animal Rescue

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