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  • Idlewood Avenue And South Boulevard Richmond, Virginia - Carytown

    The intersection of Idlewood Ave & S. Blvd desperately needs a left turn signal. Whether you are heading East or West on Idlewood, the traffic flow comes from 195 in both directions. 10-15 cars will breeze through a green light while those who are yielding and waiting to turn left can miss multiple light cycles. This is dangerous because frustrated drivers often turn left on red and there is a risk that the other cars heading east/west may run the red light as well. The congestion in this area could be alleviated with a left turn signal at the intersection.

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  • Potholes Archived
    Boulevard Road Richmond va - Rosedale

    Getting off of i-95 south onto Boulevard is not a fun experience.

    This exit ramp has several major sections that appear to have lost many inches of pavement.

    It is an extremely rough section of road that is traveled by many every day. I know my car is no happy with this section of road and you have to be ready for it or it will send you skipping across the lane!!!

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  • 23 Us 250 Richmond, Virginia - Biotech And MCV District

    Dear City of Richmond, do you think you could build a nice elevated pedestrian walkway on Broad street so that our best and brightest MCV students and nurses (and many other richmond residents) dont have to risk their lives every day RUNNING across two of the busiest entrances to I-95/I-64? it's 2013 already, want to revitalize downtown? please fix this - THANKS

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  • 64 West To 95 South Shockoe Valley Bridge RICHMOND, VA. - Randolph


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  • 701-799 N 5th St Richmond, VA 23219, USA - Biotech And MCV District

    The ramp starting at 5th street leading to 95south is broken to pieces and deep holes. The section at the beginning , in the turn, is dangerous especially for the heavy traffic it gets.

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  • 3000 Westwood Ave Richmond, VA 23227 - Sherwood Park

    All lights are out in the underpass where 64 goes over Westwood Avenue (RICHMOND, 23227). This is a
    graffiti-prone area.

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  • 5159 Commerce Rd Richmond, VA - Richmond Precinct 2

    South of Belles Rd intersection at exit 69 off I-95

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  • 4000 Macarthur Ave Richmond, Virginia - Bellevue

    Alley Potholes- East side of MacArthur Avenue Alley at North end of alley. There are at least three potholes in the paved alley, one is approx. 16 inches across and 8 inches or more deep. Quite a hazard for vehicles. (20020900643 - Odd Side Asphalt Alley)

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  • 311 S. Belmont Ave. Richmond, Virginia - Carytown

    Is it possible to have some "Children at Play" or Speed Limit signs put up in the alley where the Grayland Tot Lot is? Located, 311 S. Belmont Ave. Cars are SPEEDING through even though it is an alley AND a playground is right there. A lot of small children live across from the playground and these cars are scaring the parents. Not to mention all the pedestrians that go to this playground have to walk through the alley to get to it. It is next to the I-195 on ramp.

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  • 1000 North Lombardy Street Richmond, Virginia - Newtowne West

    One of the city's few bicycle lanes is runs on Lombardy between Brook Road and Broad Street. The section near Maggie Walker Governor's School is covered with sand, dirt, and gravel, most likely due to construction on the I-95 bridge nearby. This amount of debris makes the bicycle lane unsafe to use.

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  • 1400 Parkwood Richmond, Virginia - The Fan

    Ok, again, there aren't clear street numbers here, but this is the intersection of Parkwood and S. Randolph, including the bridge overpass over 195. Draw a circle of 100 feet around that intersection and there's a bit of everything. There's graffiti -- stop signs, end caps to the overpass, etc. There's overgrown weeds. There's an empty, unkempt lot. It's beautiful in its degree of ugliness. Really an eyesore and especially so as a gateway to the Randolph neighborhood. The piece de resistence may be that the street sign looks ready to fall off the pole. Seriously, does anyone from the city even pay attention for things to get this out of hand?

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  • potholes Archived
    Middle Of Thompson Past The Walgreens Have Not Been Repaired.Take A Right On Thompson From Ellwood Ave Richmond, VA - The Museum District

    Gentlemen, Please, be advised that I put in a work order recently.The pot holes at the s195 off ramp at Cary St. have been repaired.But, for some reason the bigger pot holes in the middle of Thompson past the Walgreens have not been repaired.Take a right on Thompson from Ellwood Ave. like you are heading to N195 and look for the pot holes.If you don't see them at first keep on going and you'll run over them.They should be before the first intersection you get to.

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