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NYC Community CleanUp is a city wide initiative to put low level offenders to do meaningful community service work. The Queens office is based out of Long Island City and we are eager to serve our host. Our service is envisioned as a three step process. First we work with the community to identify areas of need. The second part is to send a crew of supervised clients to serve the community. Lastly we will report our results, including posting before and after pictures to

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  • Motorgate elevators Acknowledged
    688 Main Street Roosevelt Island, NY - Roosevelt Island
    The elevators on the north end haven't be working for years. There are many people who need to park on that end and require an elevator, especially handicapped. If you are handicapped or have health issues you are forced to try to get a space at the south end which is extremely difficult or park and walk inside the garage which is dangerous to the elevators and then walk back on the sidewalk to the building you are going to. The garage is in such disrepair. The lights in the north stairways are out many nights and there is garbage and debris all over
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  • Red Bus Stop At Gristedes/ Motorgate New York, New York - Roosevelt Island
    Next to bench is two broken glass window panes broken by a man in a wheelchair parked there all day. Dangerous for kids and dirty as well. He discards food and garbage as well as feces onto the floor all day. This is a serious health and safety hazard.
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  • 573 Main St New York, NY - Roosevelt Island
    The garbage "cage" used by M&D Deli is a pigsty, with rotting garbage on the ground attracting vermin. It should be cleaned up and maintained.
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  • South RI park Archived
    43-82 Vernon Blvd Queens, NY 11101, USA - NYC District 5

    What is supposed to be gardens and something to enjoy has become all weeds and ugly.

    IDEA: let's let some of the freen-thumbed islanders try their hands at planting their individual gardens!

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  • Sick Trees Acknowledged
    625 Main Street Roosevelt Island, New York - Roosevelt Island
    On the North side of 625 , I have a sick tree outside my window. It is the second tree from the Promenade. As soon as the leaves grow in, they turn brown. This is most evident at the top of the tree. It is getting worse each year. The first tree next to it seems to be having the same problem
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  • Parks Archived
    W Rd Manhattan, NY 10044, USA - Roosevelt Island
    The fruit stand needs lights at night. Currently he uses a generator, which creates unnecessary pollution. Could RIOC make an electrical outlet available at the fruit stand location?
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  • 2-4 River Rd New York, New York - Roosevelt Island
    There is garbage under the benches on West Rd right near the Day Nursery playground. It has been there for a few days now (forks, beer bottle, junk). RIOC used to have a truck that went by every day to clean up the trash. Why isn't this been done any more? Our island used to be very clean! Please bring back the daily care. Thanks.
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  • 750 Main Street NY, New York - Roosevelt Island
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  • Road 10 New York, NY 10044, USA - Roosevelt Island
    The path between the tennis courts and softball field at the Octagon is never salted or plowed when it snows. It is heavily traveled, and is extremely slippery when frozen. Why is this dangerous condition allowed?
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  • 645 Main St New York, New York - Roosevelt Island
    It seems that every night behind PS 217 and up until Manhattan Park playground someone is eating dinner and drinking and not cleaning up after themselves. There are empty takeout containers, utencils, juice bottles, and general junk around and under the benches on the river. Can someone please start the daily patrol of the island to clen these things up? If public safety sees people in the evenings eating/drinking maybe they can give them a friendly reminder to throw everything away. Thanks.
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  • Parks Acknowledged
    599 Main Street New York, NY 10044, USA - Roosevelt Island
    5 months later...
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  • 47-34 Vernon Blvd Long Island city , NY - Sunny Side
    So since we have gotten the new landlord we never have heat or if it comes on it's because it's 20 degrees out and stays on for like a half hour. The landlord lets the heating oil run out constantly. There are roaches all over the basement dead. The hallway is never cleaned and he has now put the recycling garbage cans in the hallway when you walk in the door. Which is a fire hazard and unsanitary. The old landlord never let the heat fall ever and we never ran out of hot water. Now Mr L is buying up every apartment building on the block. Cause we are rent stabilized he is trying to make people leave by neglecting the buildings. Scumbag landlord alert. Thank god I'm moving.
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