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  • pothole Archived
    N 48th St Lincoln, NE - Lincoln
    A large pothole exists right in front of the southbound left turn lane on the intersection of 48th and Vine.
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  • 3000-3100 South 84th Street Lincoln, NE 68506, USA - Lincoln
    Severe potholes from Van Dorn to Adams northbound on 84th Street. Right lane should be closed.
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  • 3000 N Cotner Blvd Lincoln, Nebraska - Lincoln
    Cotner Blvd has a disproportionate advantage in regards to green light time over Adams St. Please consider a traffic counter and reconfiguring the light sequence.
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  • 52nd And Franklin Street Lincoln , Nebraska - Lincoln
    Reported from my mobile device
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  • 5330 West Chanceler Court Lincoln, Nebraska - Highlands
    The concrete within the circule, near a main drain is cracking and beginning to come apart. This trouble area is near a manhole cover for the entire circle. I believe it is just a matter of time before a flat tire occurrs due to jagged concret pieces and little kids keep wiping out on their bikes due to concrete debris and tripping hazards
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  • 6141 Queens Dr Lincoln, NE - Lincoln
    East side of Queens, near the driveway to the apartment complex.
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  • 2110 S. Cotner Blvd Lincoln, Nebraska - Woods Park
    Sunk in area connects to the curb in front of 2110 S. Cotner Blvd. South side of road. Collects water that sits big breading ground for mosquitoes and Ice builds up there in the winter really bad. Makes people swerve to the opposite side to avoid it.
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  • 2611 Bretigne Circle Lincoln, Nebraska - Lincoln
    Street light inside the circle does not work. Hard to see when walking at night.
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  • Bellville Dr Lincoln, Nebraska - Belmont
    Mark 4 trailor park has potholes through the whole trailor court,there are also no street lights,they do there own repairs on holes which is poorly.some only last a wk, there are some holes that are 6ft big going down 8inchs. This needs addressed.the park makes over 400k easily a yr.
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  • 6509 Tanglewood Lane Lincoln, Nebraska - Colonial Hills
    The street light across the street from our home is completely off many nights making the area very dark.
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  • 4630 Rockwood Court Lincoln, Nebraska - Lincoln
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  • Pine Lake Rd Intersecting Ridge Rd Lincoln, Nebraska - Lincoln
    Something has happened to the sensors/timing of the traffic light where Ridge Rd, Helen Witt Rd and Pine Lake Rd all intersect. I go through this intersection 4 times a day on Pine Lake and it is always defaulting to green lights on Ridge Rd instead of the much busier Pine Lake Rd when there is no traffic on Ridge Rd. You sit through an entire cycle whether someone is there or not. Pine Lake traffic is getting VERY backed up during morning and evening commute and there are zero to few cars coming out of the neighborhoods. This happened once before a year or 2 back, but it was resolved in a few days. This has lasted a couple weeks.
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